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Deciding between renovating or building a new home? Gerard Construction has questions to help you choose. Consider location, space needs, design changes, budget, and temporary living arrangements. We can assist with both options, so call us today!
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Gerard Construction offers a quick guide on hiring the perfect home contractor. From checking experience and paperwork to understanding communication styles and the renovation impact, it's a must-read for anyone building or renovating their dream home.
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Gerard Construction embraces the timeless appeal of open floor plans. Offering flexibility and connection, open layouts allow for seamless transitions between rooms. While there may be some concerns, our team at Gerard Construction is ready to address them and help you achieve your dream home. Contact us today to learn more about our services and design solutions.
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Changing your space isn’t just about putting up walls or picking out tile, instead, your space can support the way you live your life, making it more functional. Design creates this function, in addition to making your space beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.
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