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Deciding between renovating or building a new home? Gerard Construction has questions to help you choose. Consider location, space needs, design changes, budget, and temporary living arrangements. We can assist with both options, so call us today!
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The blog post discusses the process of starting a custom home build. It covers important considerations such as choosing the location, setting a budget, and deciding on a floor plan and architectural details. The post emphasizes the expertise of Gerard Construction in guiding homeowners through each step of the process.
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Energy efficiency is no longer enough for most homebuilders or renovators. By following these tips by Gerard Construction, you can build an energy-efficient home that will save you money on your energy bills and reduce your environmental impact.
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While not immediately noticeable, the backsplash of your kitchen is a great way to add interest and a pop of color as you think about the design aspects of the space. While you will want to think about your cabinet color or stain and structure when you are choosing your backsplash, there are so many options to consider. Gerard Construction can help you choose a perfect backsplash on your new build or on the renovation you are contemplating for your home.
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It is largely agreed that homes should be personal and unique to the people who live within them, but all too often, prospective homeowners are forced into settling for a home that could work. Settling for function or “good enough” is not necessary and can be avoided completely with designing a home that fits you. There are numerous advantages to designing and building a home with your unique needs and tastes in mind.
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