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Home Renovation vs Buying New

26 Apr, 2024 | Homebuilding Tips & Tricks, Remodeling | View Counts (58)
The needs we have from our home can change in the blink of an eye. An unexpected pregnancy may mean needing an extra bedroom, or two! New hobbies may mean additional space needed for accommodating the stuff that goes with them. Sometimes our wishes and desires for a home can warrant thinking about the future and what we want from our space. If we already have a home it may not be so much what we want or need from the home, but how to get it. Trying to decide between a home renovation or buying n...
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Three Things to Avoid in a Remodel

22 Mar, 2024 | Remodel | Remodeling | View Counts (143)
You love your home… mostly… so you have decided to freshen up the place with a remodel. There are many different scopes of work that could be done in a remodel, from a refresh in a kitchen or bathroom to update lighting, fixtures, cabinetry, and countertops to removing and adding in entire walls to create new spaces, ready to serve your needs.
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Deciding between renovating or building a new home? Gerard Construction has questions to help you choose. Consider location, space needs, design changes, budget, and temporary living arrangements. We can assist with both options, so call us today!
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Gerard Construction offers a quick guide on hiring the perfect home contractor. From checking experience and paperwork to understanding communication styles and the renovation impact, it's a must-read for anyone building or renovating their dream home.
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Get your home ready for holiday guests with these easy tips! Think about what your guests need and how long they'll stay. Create a relaxed and clutter-free environment, provide essential amenities, and don't forget about tech needs. And if you need a hand, contact Gerard Construction's design team for help!
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When it comes to designing or renovating the perfect master bathroom, Gerard Construction has got you covered. We understand the importance of this space in your daily routine - it's where you start and end your day, where you get ready, clean up, and focus on what lies ahead.
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Are you planning to update your home but unsure whether to go for a remodel or a renovation? While these terms are often used interchangeably, they actually refer to different types of home improvement projects. Here are three ways that a home remodel is different from a home renovation.
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Gerard Construction appreciates every room of the home but understands the importance of a kitchen remodel for you and your loved ones. Below are a few tips that will help make your kitchen remodel successful.
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Gerard Construction wants your home to be exactly what you need it to be, from the moment you walk through the door and with every step you take. Your floor plan should support this. For this to happen, there are a few things to consider.
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How to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

12 Dec, 2022 | Remodel, Kitchen | Remodeling | View Counts (314)
Homeowners may want to revamp and remodel their kitchen with the time we spend in the kitchen, preparing food, enjoying snacks, and having fellowship with family and guests in our homes. Gerard Construction has a few tips and tricks to remodel your kitchen on a budget.
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