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We think our area gets a bad reputation during the summer months. Yes, the temperatures and humidity are oppressively hot, but thinking about the rest of the year, we truly have the benefit of numerous months to enjoy the great outdoors and the perfect patios in our own homes.
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You love your home… almost. Or you could love your home… if these changes were made. We understand having an attachment to a home or location that simply outweighs any other benefits to moving.
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What to Know Before Installing a New Roof

27 Jun, 2024 | Storm Damage | View Counts (57)
Whether you need a new roof due to recent storms that have raced through the region or your home is simply due for a replacement, there is a lot to know.
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Home renovations can be stressful to think about, even on a small scale. When that home renovation involves most of your space, it can be an even bigger stress. We don’t shy away from that stress, in fact Gerard Construction makes a living from building and renovating homes.
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3 Ways to Keep Your House Cool this Summer

21 May, 2024 | Home Maintenance | View Counts (113)
Like it or not, another summer is upon us. While you may be looking forward to pool fun with the kiddos or that long awaited trip to the beach, none of us can hide from the fact that we dread the increase in energy bills along with simply trying to stay cooler in the approaching months. There are ways you can adjust to keep your house cool this summer with your friends at Gerard Construction.  Thermostat help. Your thermostat can be your friend during the summer in more ways than just turni...
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Home Renovation vs Buying New

26 Apr, 2024 | Homebuilding Tips & Tricks, Remodeling | View Counts (144)
The needs we have from our home can change in the blink of an eye. An unexpected pregnancy may mean needing an extra bedroom, or two! New hobbies may mean additional space needed for accommodating the stuff that goes with them. Sometimes our wishes and desires for a home can warrant thinking about the future and what we want from our space. If we already have a home it may not be so much what we want or need from the home, but how to get it. Trying to decide between a home renovation or buying n...
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Three Things to Avoid in a Remodel

22 Mar, 2024 | Remodel | Remodeling | View Counts (217)
You love your home… mostly… so you have decided to freshen up the place with a remodel. There are many different scopes of work that could be done in a remodel, from a refresh in a kitchen or bathroom to update lighting, fixtures, cabinetry, and countertops to removing and adding in entire walls to create new spaces, ready to serve your needs.
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We made it through the coldest temperatures of the year and are already beginning to see the bursts of color on the sides of rows, store aisles filled with our favorite candy eggs and treats, and feeling the temptation of time outside in the beautiful spring weather.
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Discover the best flooring options for your custom home - tile, stone, wood, carpet, and alternatives. Consider durability, maintenance, and room suitability. Get expert guidance from Gerard Construction.
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Before buying a home, consider: remodel instead of competing, eco-friendly and smart choices, trends that suit your family, and future plans. Contact Gerard Construction for guidance on building a trendy, eco-friendly home or remodeling your current space.
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