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Warmer months are here, and your home can still be enjoyed, just in different ways than the cool fall or cozy winter months. Your home also needs a little attention in the summer to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape and ready to bear the heat as well as you do. Gerard Construction has ideas and tips to assist in making your home summer ready before hitting the beaches, lounging by the pool, and firing up the grill.1. Put away the winter items.You can adapt this process according to your...
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Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

10 May, 2022 | Landscaping, Summer | Exterior Design & Décor | View Counts (1053)
Like it or not, the summer heat is here. Temperatures are rising, the sun is shining longer, and students are counting down to the last day of school. With all the work you have put into your landscaping, you will want to take some steps to make sure the beauty and bounty is protected during the summer months.
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Our Gerard Construction team will be among the first to admit that there are a number of hot days around the corner. The August heat beats down on us whether we are helping you plot out the best placement for a new build on your acreage, or if we are measuring space for the new addition to your existing home. Seeing that, here are a few landscaping ideas to consider as you head outdoors to enjoy all your home has to offer.
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