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New Look, Same Team

30 Apr, 2021 | Rebranding | News | View Counts (1296)
Our team has been custom building homes and helping families remodel in the Brazos Valley for decades. Gerard Construction considers themselves to be more than simply a business in this area, but a part of the community, working to build homes and relationships in every project we take on. A question that has been lingering though, what makes something worth a remodel?
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You are imaging the space you will one day live in, your new home. You have a good idea of the lot you want to build on, you have secured your financing, and you are just itching to open the front door and start working on the build itself. In your mind, you turn the knob and what you see next will depend greatly on your floor plan. In fact, before you even get to swing that door open, your floor plan will determine where the door, windows, and walkway are placed. Our team at Gerard Construction...
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It’s not only a new year, but it is also a new decade and we here at Gerard Construction cannot wait to meet the individuals and families who we will get to partner with to build their homes. Along with the change in calendar comes a new set of trends and techniques which means each of the homes we create may take on a few of these new design ideas.
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We're excited to announce the launch of our new website for Gerard Construction! In an effort to provide our clients with a variety of ideas and looks we have implemented many new features including a Project Gallery as well as a Blog.
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