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Home Remodeling in Bryan/College Station

Gerard Construction loves all of the steps of making homes. From land acquisition to the final walkthrough, our team can assist you along the way. Our love for making homes carries over to existing houses that need a refresh, a renovation, and a rehab.

Our expertise, knowledge, and care are the same on any remodeling project we take on, as when we build a home from the ground up.


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Remodeling Without Limits

There are homes that just work for us. Maybe it’s the location – near great schools and parks, accessible to all the regular parts of our life. Maybe it’s the overall layout of the home – several of the rooms making sense for you family’s needs. Maybe it’s the feel of the home – the welcoming coziness being exactly what you need each time you return.

Even in these great homes, many homeowners have adjustments and tweaks they would like to make, to turn an already loved home, into something perfect, beautiful, and functional for years to come.


Remodel My Home

Simpler Than You Think

Remodel Needs 1.

Tell us what you need.

If you are planning a home remodel, you probably have a list of what we can do for you. You know the areas you want to be changed, and we can help with that. If you feel a little lost, we can help you walk through the areas you feel need change.

Remodel Collaboration 2.


We want to build more than your home – we want to build a relationship with our homeowners. With communication between our team and you, we can make sure every aspect of your remodel meets your every expectation. By working with our team, including our interior designer who is focused on the aesthetic details of your home, we will work together to make your home perfect.

Remodel Demolition 3.

Start demoing.

The remodel process can be extensive. We will take care to protect the parts of your home that are staying when we begin the demo process. Communication and collaboration will continue every step of the way with multiple members of our team on site on a regular basis.

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Remodel Collaboration

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