Custom Barndominiums in the Brazos Valley

Multi-Purpose, Affordable, Energy-Efficient, & Low-Maintenance Homes

Gerard Construction is proud to offer barndominium builds as one of our custom home building services. We have had the opportunity to work with numerous customers in the Brazos County and the surrounding areas to create new, multi-purpose living spaces. These unique homes, typically built out of metal, include both living and work spaces and are an affordable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient option for your next home. For more information about barndominiums, contact Gerard Construction today!



Barndominiums College Station, Texas

What is a Barndominium?

The term "barndominium" is a play on words combining the words "barn" and "condominium". The result is a trendy yet functional building concept that includes both work and living spaces. Over the past ten years, the barndomium has become the go-to option for landowners looking to build a new living space with modern features such as plumbing, energy-efficient windows, foam insulation, and engineered concrete slabs that also allows for space for work and recreation. Barndominiums are typically built out of metal, opening up the possibilities in regards to floor plan and interior design options.

Gerard Construction's barndominium clients are typically landowners with 2+ acres of land that are looking for an affordable and comfortable living solution that also has an outdoor workspace. We have worked with clients throughout the Brazos County and in Madisonville, Navasota, and Franklin. We can travel up to 60 miles outside of Bryan/College Station to build. Interested in learning more about our barndominiums? Contact us today!





Benefits of Building a Barndominium

If you're still wondering if a barndominium is the right fit for you, here are a few benefits to consider.

Design & Build for your Property

Barndominiums are extremely customizable. Whether you are looking for a large, custom build for an estate or a smaller functional option, barndominiums are scalable and because they are built out of metal, the possibilities are endless. 

Design & Build for Your Needs

Often, people approach us with two separate sets of needs. One is for a home where people can gather - something cozy that is energy-efficient and functional for a family. The other set of needs typically revolves around the need for outdoor space whether it be for recreational vehicles, work equipment, or a separate workspace, separate from the house. A barndominum gives homeowners the opportunity to design for their needs - all under one roof.

Barndominiums College Station, Texas




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