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The Allure of Open Floor Plans: Embracing Space, Connectivity, and Modern Living

Gerard Construction has been in the home building and renovation business long enough to know that open floor plans aren’t going anywhere. While closed-off spaces had a short heyday during COVID, it was more about needing a flex space to work from home than it was about long-term dream floor plans. The desire is simply for more flow and connection, in many parts of our life, our homes being no exception to that.

Embracing Space

Open floor plans provide a great amount of flexibility and connection for homeowners. Open floor plans can be defined in a number of different ways. According to The Spruce, “a residential open floor plan is one where at least two rooms that ordinarily have separate but related functions are conjoined.” The most common of these spaces are the kitchen, dining room, and living room. These rooms can still have some differentiation or defining boundaries and open floor plans do not typically combine spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. Open floor plans provide more flexibility as more can take place in these spaces and rearranging can happen easily to fit the needs of the occasion.


Connectivity is easily found in an open floor plan since rooms naturally flow from one space to another. Guests and family members do not have to choose whether to be comfortable in a living room or engaging with meal prep, since those spaces can easily connect with one another. Transitions from spaces can be easier as well, in addition to entertaining, with the flow being built into the design of your home. While open floor plans are often discussed for entertainment, we cannot fail to mention how important they are for families, especially of younger children. It becomes easier for parents to keep a watchful eye on their little ones as each participates in an activity or task that needs to be done.

Modern Living

There are many modern aspects that come with open floor plans. Not only do open floor plans reject traditional buildings with defined rooms that are closed off from one another, but they also manage space in different ways than before. Having more space may not be technically true with an open floor plan, that would all depend on the actual square footage, but openness does create the illusion of more space which is beneficial for homeowners who are trying to create more bang for their buck or trying to be footprint and eco-conscious, making more from less. Open floor plans are also more airy and light as there are no obstacles which makes a home feel more modern and up-to-date. What’s more, open floor plans lend themselves to less clutter and things being put away since you cannot close doors on messes in your home.

Easy Solutions

While there are a few drawbacks to open floor plans, they can be easily fixed in your design plan with our Gerard Construction team. Noise is often cited as a disadvantage, but rugs, window coverings, and well-placed furniture can help absorb some of the extra volume that comes with the connections taking place. If there are certain areas that you need with some flexibility, barn doors or other dividing pieces can help differentiate the spaces. We can work with you to think creatively about finding a balance that works for you.

Gerard Construction doesn’t want to just build a house, we want to build a home, and a dream home at that. We want to work with you to implement your plan and your design. To learn more about us, contact us today.





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