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Four Things to Know Before Starting Your Full Home Renovation

31 May, 2024 | home renovation | Renovations | Return|

Home renovations can be stressful to think about, even on a small scale. When that home renovation involves most of your space, it can be an even bigger stress. We don’t shy away from that stress, in fact Gerard Construction makes a living from building and renovating homes. We can provide you with help and support every step of the way before starting your full home renovation.


  1. Flexibility on schedule. While we are diligent to communicate that a timeline is an estimate and we have a pretty good estimate of how long most full home renovations may take, we still need our homeowners to show flexibility on their schedule. For starters, until the walls are opened up, we won’t have a clear idea of what we are dealing with in some renovations. Additionally, weather is far beyond our control and can halt building and supply chains, especially during certain months of the year. Quite simply, there are setbacks that can’t be planned for. This flexibility will impact your home renovation, but it will also impact where you are staying in the interim since most full home renovations require a temporary relocation. Whether you are renting a place or staying with loved ones, you will need to be able to adjust.
  2. We can adjust. We can adjust plans to a certain point. We understand there are certain ideas that take hold of homeowners halfway through a build or renovation that they are just itching to put into place. In fact, the same thing has happened to us a time or two and we have the benefit of endless houses to consider these plans for. In some cases, at some points in the renovation, we can pivot and add in something new or tweak a certain fixture to fit your needs. However, there are times when it may be too late to go in a different direction, especially once walls come down and demolition gets going. It is important to communicate with us ahead of time so we can make sure you are completely set on what comes next.
  3. Communication is key. We pride ourselves on open lines of communication with our homeowners and this does not stop once the renovation gets going. In fact, this doesn’t  stop once the renovation is over either. We want you to feel up to date with what is happening in your home. We can make regular contact with you and feel free to ask us questions as they pop up, in the beginning, middle, or end of the renovation. We also know sometimes homeowners aren’t sure what to ask or what comes next so we will work with you to go over questions you may have or questions we think you should consider ahead of time.
  4. This is an investment. Any work on your home is an investment of time and money. With a full home renovation you will be investing a lot of time and money. Different spaces of your home will have different returns on that investment. It may be surprising to see what Zillow rates as the biggest ROI, including a 102.7% recoup on a new garage door and 94.7% return on vinyl siding. Homeowners should also consider the investment to enjoy the time in their home or the ease and livability that can be created by completing a home renovation. In any build or renovation, we ask homeowners to imagine a day living in their ideal space so we can help make that area better suited for that time. The investment becomes worth it with that type of planning.





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