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You are considering remodeling your existing home. Or you are considering building an entirely new home. Either way, changes are needed where you live and spend much of your day. Changing your space isn’t just about putting up walls or picking out tile, instead, your space can support the way you live your life, making it more functional. Design creates this function, in addition to making your space beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

What Works for You

The best way for your home to be designed is in a way that works for you, your family, and your lifestyle. This applies to big decisions and smaller details that you may not think of when imagining your dream home. It wouldn’t make sense for a commercial-grade kitchen to be put in the home of a family who eats at restaurants or gets takeout for the majority of their meals, in that case, we would encourage a compact kitchen that was well equipped with the necessities. It also doesn’t make sense for a family of an individual with mobility issues to put all of their bedrooms upstairs. While these may sound obvious, this provides only the first steps in our design plan. By sitting with you and talking through your day, thinking about your routines and how you move through your space, we can make many decisions from the number of outlets to the placement of additional lighting, to create a functional space. This functional plan will be unique to you.

Your Individual Footprint

Creating a footprint for your home applies to the larger architectural plan and for the layout within the rooms. Transitions from outside to inside, from room to room, and even across the same room, can be planned-out in a meaningful way. Some families will need more than one entry to their home, a formal and informal space to greet guests or drop dirty shoes and bags respectively. By working with our designer from the start, our entire team can understand and evaluate your needs and think about your footprint, and begin projecting as to how the space can better house some of the furniture and larger pieces you think you will place in each room. While some of these smaller details may change along the way, having a plan in mind will provide focus as you think about what you want.

Looks and Décor

While there is a difference between design and décor, they do function together in many ways. In planning your design, there are many aesthetic decisions that need to be made. Hardware, paint colors, trim design, wood stain, and tile size are amongst what can be discussed to put the finishing touches on your home. All of these decisions together will provide the base of the look for your home and can change the feeling you and your guests will get every time you walk into a room. While your design can be completely unique to you, there are ways to build texture and color into your design plan that will tie your home together in great ways.

To learn more about Jennifer, our Interior Designer, and to begin making a plan for your build or renovation, contact us today. We are ready to listen to your plans for your space, to look at your Pinterest boards, and begin building your dream home





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