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An existing home may be almost perfect, but not quite. While there are plenty of reasons you may stay in a home, there are just as many reasons for you to want a dream home. Deciding whether to take an existing home and make it yours or start at the groundwork to build a new construction home can be confusing to consider. Gerard Construction has some questions for you to answer along the way.

1. Do I love my location?

Location is a huge factor in building a dream home. If you don’t want to move from your neighborhood because of amenities or proximity to work, if you love the community you are in, or you have grown into a certain home and simply need that space to work better for you, a renovation is a clear winner. 

2. Is the space big enough?

Is your family growing and you are going to need more bedrooms? If so, building a second floor or extension on an existing home is a very big undertaking. Do you need more space for other reasons like mobility concerns? Do you want a larger entertaining space for indoors and outdoors? Are your lower ceilings making you feel claustrophobic and you have always dreamed of wide open spaces to live in? Do you need storage because every closet, part of your garage, and rented storage space is bursting at the seams? By considering these questions you may clearly see that you need a custom build to meet your space needs. 

3. Is the work design focused?

If you think about what changes you want to make, are you thinking the space needs to be altered structurally or does it need a few design fixes? For example, does your kitchen need to be completely gutted so your sink can look out your back window, so an island with a gas range can be installed, and so a large walk in pantry can be configured? Or does your kitchen need new cabinetry and countertops with an upgraded sink and faucet? These two projects are completely different in scope. The second option points towards renovation while the first could point to either one. 

4. Which spaces are the issue?

Considering which parts of your current home are in need of renovation may help you decide whether to renovate or build. According to Forbes, “[t]he most expensive room to remodel is the kitchen.” Bathrooms are the second most expensive to renovate, both spaces due to the common need for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical to be involved in the planning.

5. What is my budget?

This question is something only you can answer. Building a home is usually a larger expense than renovating an existing home. While the desired outcome for your home is a consideration, if you are working with certain budgets, you may need to plan for a renovation or plan for a few renovations over the years to bring your space to dream home status. 

6. What will I do in the interim?

This is something to think about whether you are renovating or building. Thinking about where you will live between now and completion and how to access your home in the meantime is important to consider. With some renovations, we can work with the family to still have access to their home. It just depends and we would communicate with you ahead of time. 

The great thing about these scenarios, renovating or building, is Gerard Construction can help, either way. If you decide that building a new home from the foundation up is the best choice for you, we can start from the beginning with land acquisition and creating floor plans to build your dream home. If you decide that you want to stay with a home you already have or are shortly going to purchase, we will work to design your space to better fit your needs. Renovating or building, call Gerard Construction, today. 





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