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What You Need to Know About Remodeling

11 Nov, 2022 | Remodel | Remodeling | Return|

Maybe your home is the perfect location, and you won’t consider leaving treasured schools and beloved neighbors. Maybe your home is halfway perfect for all your needs, and you may be able to overlook the rest. Or maybe, you need to stay in a home for other considerations like size, family legacy, or not knowing what the future holds. Maybe staying in your home is the best plan, even if your home may not be entirely perfect for you. Situations like these are when a remodel can help you take the almost perfect and turn it into exactly what you want. Gerard Construction can assist with turning your alright home into your dream home and walk you through everything you may need to know.

How long will it take?

The length of time for your project will depend on several factors. An entire home remodel will take more time than a half-bathroom remodel. It is more difficult to pinpoint exact timelines and even more difficult to gauge what will take more time when you are looking at a similar number of projects that need our care and attention. Another aspect of how long it may take, at least for smaller remodels, is whether you are trying to stay in the home during the remodel. Temporarily relocating while your home is being remodeled may make the process easier and less frustrating. Some general guidelines for how long your remodel will take follow. The design phase takes anywhere between 1 to 3 months, including meetings and getting architectural plans in place. Permitting and general estimates will take around a month but could be less, or more, depending on the scope and workload in the general vicinity. Actual construction will take anywhere between 1 month to a year. Our team works to keep you updated every step of the way.

What changes the remodel?

More variables will be in place and may impact the timeline in a larger remodel. Additionally, the more projects involved, even in a seemingly small remodel, like plumbing, could increase your timeline. Weather will always impact a remodel, whether at the actual site or in the supply chain that works to get materials to your home. We have all heard nightmare stories or seen the unexpected expenses associated with remodeling on tv shows, so it should be no surprise that there can always be unforeseen circumstances that need to be considered. Also, sometimes our homeowners will shift a project scope slightly along the way, which may impact your timeline, budget, and the look of your home.

How should you prepare?

Preparation will depend on how far along you are in your remodel plans. If you are beginning to think about the remodel you may want, we recommend starting with a list of what your “must haves” are and what your “these would be nice” tasks might be, as this helps steer the conversation. You should also know a range of what you can spend on the remodel so we can provide guidance on an estimate for your work. If you are a little further in the remodeling planning, we will give you additional information about how much of your home needs to be packed or set up for a successful remodel. The preparation time will look different for every home.

If you are ready to consider a remodel or want to learn more about what is possible at your home, reach out to us. By contacting our Gerard Construction team, you will take the first step to making your dream home a reality and initiate a partnership that makes the project enjoyable. To learn more, call us today.





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