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When designing a home or rehabbing your space, an overlooked portion can be the different aspects that go into choosing and designing your actual cabinetry. At Gerard Construction, we love discussing the individual details that will make a house we build into your home. Here are a few questions to consider ahead of time.

Glass vs. Solid Fronts?

If you are considering glass fronts, we recommend just picking a few cabinets to add glass fronts to, providing a nice change and allowing for favorite items to be displayed while housed in a safe area. Too many glass fronts don’t allow for some items, like plastic cups or several appliances, that may not be as aesthetically pleasing, to be hidden. 

Color vs. Wood Stain?

Stained cabinets can have a classic look for a period of time, but the trends of grain and the depth of the stain changes fairly frequently. Paint may seem trendier, but paint is a quick way to change or update any part of your home, not just your cabinets. Paint also has the benefits of having various additives that you may want to invest in like antimicrobial or easy to clean components. 

Should I add hardware or not?

This, like several other aspects of building out your kitchen, is a personal decision. Some homeowners prefer the streamline look of not adding hardware while others like a touch of modernity or a touch of old world style depending on what they choose. Hardware does protect your hinges and drawer tracks to some degree by giving consistent pressure to the door or drawer when they are being used on a regular basis. 

What are my options for shelving?

We guess this depends on if you are referring to exposed shelving or in your cabinets themselves. Many kitchens are including a set or two of exposed shelves, acting much like glass front cabinetry by displaying favorite items or sets. By choosing the texture and material you prefer, this can range from industrial style to a warmer look as well. Within the cabinets themselves, by being thoughtful about what each cabinet may be used for, we can adjust to meet your needs. You may want upright storage for individual plates or a larger space for a stand mixer. 

How do I pick the design that works for my kitchen?

This depends a lot on the overall design and floor plan of your home. Because a number of kitchens have an open component or completely open concept, you will want to take the look of the adjoining rooms into consideration. If your living room is modern Danish furniture, you may want to steer away from a country cottage vintage look. However, you can pick a happy medium, for example a sleek shaker style cabinet may mix the warmth and streamlined appearance you are seeking. 

How many cabinets do I need?

If you are already in a home, we can start by counting the number of cabinets already in use. By looking at that number, you may want to add on additional cabinets for any areas that you feel are overstuffed with items or are too cluttered for your usage. Whether you are in a home or not, you may also consider your countertop space. Some families enjoy having items like coffee makers, small appliances, knife blocks, and food containers on display, other families could benefit from an additional cabinet or appliance “garage” for these items. Don’t forget to think about less used items like your grandmother’s china or packed away kitchen items you would like to have access to on a more regular basis. 

What else am I missing that you would suggest?

There have been many changes in cabinetry and finishing out kitchens over the past few decades that we highly encourage our clients to consider. By utilizing small spaces, like the inches between an oven and the wall or a nook near the refrigerator, we can custom build cabinets or shelves that may be a perfect solution for items that are otherwise clutter. Additionally, we can include soft touch hinges and tracks that close with ease and reduce the chances of pinched fingers in the meantime. 

While much of this information is presented in relation to a kitchen, our design and construction team can create cabinets for your entire home. Contact us to discuss options for your kitchen, living area, bathrooms, laundry room, or beyond. 






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