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What Kind of Flooring Should I Install in my Custom Home?

We can’t argue that we get excited about a lot of details in custom home building, probably much more than the average person. There are so many components to building a custom home and we take an interest in them, from the ground, up. We have opinions to do with those interests and much of that comes from years of experience of listening to homeowners’ needs and helping meet those needs. Flooring is no exception and is actually a topic that many can get behind discussing. Gerard Construction has a few tips on the type of flooring you should install in your custom home.

Tile or Stone

Both tile and stone can be great choices for areas where you are looking for certain colors, building textures, or need something elegant, but water resistant, like your bathroom areas. Both come in a variety of types, finishes, colors, and can be pieced together in multiple ways. The finish on tile or natural stone will determine the level of care needed for cleaning. Price varies widely according to Forbes with some tiles starting on average at $2.50 a square foot and some tile and stone costing $10 or more. 


When considering wood there are two options to consider. The first is solid hardwood that, just as it sounds, contains solid wood throughout. There are numerous types including maple and oak, but all hardwood flooring options need regular maintenance and care. This is also a more expensive choice than the others. For homeowners looking for the gorgeous warmth of wood, but are working within a budget, engineered wood “features a thin layer of hardwood bonded over a high-quality plywood substrate.” It is more durable with regular care, similar to hardwood flooring. 


If you can imagine a color, it can be made in carpet. That isn’t where the decision making will end though. The Spruce lists a number of “factors to consider, including pile type, material, padding, color, style, and warranties”. Your needs for carpet may change in different areas of your home as well. A darker and more durable material may feel more appropriate for a kids’ room where spills and stains are likely versus an adult space where you can splurge on something a little more luxurious. 


There are even more choices beyond these typical classes of flooring that you may want to consider for your new home. Stained concrete is an option that some homeowners love in the first floor of their home because of the ease of care and numerous color options that can be applied. Others may choose laminate or vinyl flooring manufactured to look like any of the solid surfaces mentioned above and can be ordered in various colors and designs. 

What to choose

In addition to these considerations, you also want to consider what may be best for the room you are working on. Carpet can be cozy for bedrooms and media rooms, but a nightmare for kitchens and bathrooms. You may love the look of solid hardwood, but see the maintenance issues paired with growing kids and rambunctious pets. 

If you are ready to begin planning out which flooring you want in different areas of your custom home, contact Gerard Construction today. We can help you choose the best flooring for any space in your home and in your outdoor areas, too. 





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