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Three Things to Avoid in a Remodel

22 Mar, 2024 | Remodel | Remodeling | Return|

You love your home… mostly… so you have decided to freshen up the place with a remodel. There are many different scopes of work that could be done in a remodel, from a refresh in a kitchen or bathroom to update lighting, fixtures, cabinetry, and countertops to removing and adding in entire walls to create new spaces, ready to serve your needs. In any scope, there are three major roadblocks you want to avoid in your remodel with Gerard Construction.

Lack of Preparation and Communication

You have to start with what you want and what will serve your family the most. It would be remarkable to dive into a remodel with no clear direction of where we were headed. When we work with homeowners in a new build or remodel, we strongly advise them to take time to imagine a full day in their space, mentally walking through where every element of a room will be located to make the best plan. If you aren’t sure, we can help you with that, thinking of every last detail you should consider. You should also have a budget, in a range you are comfortable with, and makes sense for the project we are helping you take on. If you are lost on what is a good budget to set, we can help you with that, showing you multiple options and giving advice on financing based on our decades of experience in building and finance. Once the project starts, communication shouldn’t end and we pride ourselves on being in touch with our homeowners regularly to clarify each step of the way.

Unrealistic Expectations

When we communicate a range, whether it be for your budget or for the timeline, we aren’t being vague. We are actually leaning on our expertise to give you the best possible estimate for how much your project is going to cost and how long it might take. Building is almost organic and needs wiggle room to get done right. Additionally, in conjunction with the point above, it is important to have expectations that match what you have communicated to us. If you have a vision, talk to us so we can meet that vision or clarify on what can and can’t be done ahead of time. If you aren’t sure, especially in design elements, we have a designer on staff who can flesh out what you may want.

Going with Inexperience

By working with Gerard Construction you can automatically avoid this pitfall. Our team has decades of experience building homes of our own design and homes envisioned by the community here in the Brazos Valley. We also rely on contractors that we know and trust. We take pride in our work and want to build this community. It is important that we can stand behind our name, in our work, in the neighborhoods, and in conversation around the area. If we make a mistake, we want to fix it, helping to solidify your dream home into a reality.

To begin your remodel, you have work to do first. Begin taking notes about what you need done, considering every step of your day in that space and thinking about special events or circumstances, too. Once you have that done, contact us, we can fill in with questions you may not have considered and begin talking about a realistic budget. We can help you create your dream, making your home a reality.





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