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Siding, flooring, extra bedrooms, paint colors - the list of decisions to make when building or renovating your home with Gerard Construction can be overwhelming. From major choices like where to build and the size of your footprint, to small details like drawer pulls, it's easy to feel decision saturation. Thankfully, designing your dream closet is one decision that can be enjoyable and something to look forward to.
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With the touch of a hand or a simple motion, we have the power to illuminate our surroundings. Gone are the days of searching for a match to light a candle as we walk down the hallway. Now, we can effortlessly bring light into our homes. At Gerard Construction, we specialize in custom home building that focuses on placing light exactly where it's needed most.
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Home-cooked meals. Clinking glasses of favorite beverages. Tidbits of conversation that extend visits further into the night. Snacks and recipe exchanges and a catch-all drawer filled with odds and ends from around the rest of the home.
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