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Illuminating Every Corner: Mastering the Art of Adding Light to Each Room in Your Custom Home Design

When it comes to designing your custom home, the power to effortlessly illuminate every corner is in your hands. With a simple touch or motion, you can switch on a light that guides your way and enhances your activities. Gone are the days of fumbling for matches to light a candle in the hallway. At Gerard Construction, we understand the importance of thoughtful lighting in creating the perfect ambiance for your home. Here are a few valuable tips and considerations to help you select and plan the optimal lighting solutions for each room.

Plan Your Day

When helping someone build their custom home, we always emphasize the importance of planning your day. Take some time to envision yourself living in your home and make note of everything you can think of. Once you've identified your favorite spot to enjoy your morning coffee with a good book or where you plan to prepare meals for your closest friends, consider how lighting can enhance those activities. While our daily routines may change and our furniture may be rearranged, it's still important to have a solid idea of where you need lighting beyond the standard "middle of the room" fixture.

Additional Features

Think about additional features you may want for your lighting. Would you like lights that automatically turn on and off when you enter or exit a space? Or perhaps you'd prefer lights that can be dimmed with the touch of a button to reduce glare or create a specific ambiance. Maybe even lights that can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times. All of these features can be incorporated during the home-building process.

Extra Plugs

In addition to wired lighting, consider where you might want to add lamps in certain spaces. When we custom-build your home, we can strategically place plugs in the floor, behind cabinetry, and other convenient locations to accommodate all your lamps and appliances.

Multiple Types of Lighting

Lighting comes in various forms, each serving a different purpose and aesthetic. Each room in your home may require different types of lighting, or a combination thereof, to create the desired atmosphere. For instance, in the kitchen, Better Homes and Gardens recommends choosing a ceiling fixture or recessed can lights that evenly distribute light throughout the space, while also installing light sources directly above workspaces for task lighting. In contrast, bedrooms or bathrooms may benefit from distributed lighting rather than task lighting.

Enough Light

It's crucial to ensure that each room in your home is adequately illuminated. The amount of light required will depend on the activities conducted in each space, with task-oriented areas generally needing more light or at least the flexibility to adjust brightness. According to Better Homes and Gardens, suggested guidelines for lighting include 30-40 lumens per square foot for dining rooms, 10-20 lumens per square foot for living rooms, and 70-80 lumens per square foot for bathrooms. Hallways may require slightly less light, while offices or garages with workspaces may need more.

Bonus Space Lighting

When building a custom home, there are almost no limits to where you can install lighting. Safety considerations aside, we can wire lighting into closets, under cabinets, along the exterior of your home, inside cabinets, or wherever you desire. Let us know your preferences, and we will discuss the best options and placements for this bonus lighting.

Selecting and planning the lighting for your custom home is a crucial aspect of creating the perfect atmosphere for your living spaces. By carefully considering your daily activities, incorporating additional features, strategically placing lighting sources, and ensuring adequate illumination in each room, you can achieve a truly harmonious and well-lit home. At Gerard Construction, we specialize in designing and building custom homes that prioritize efficient and beautiful lighting solutions. Contact us today to bring your vision to life and illuminate every corner of your home.





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