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4 Things to Consider When Buying a Home in 2024

We are moving through 2024 already and this is the year that many will find their new and/or dream home. Before you take the next step, you should consider these 4 things about buying a home. Gerard Construction can help you consider each of these factors and pose even more guidance for what to consider. 

Making the remodel choice

The housing market is incredibly competitive and is not for the faint of heart. Interest rates and building costs should be looked at and many families are opting for a remodel of a home they already like rather than jumping into the bidding wars and competition. This may or may not be the right choice for everyone, depending on your needs, goals, and time, which applies to remodeling or entering the building or buying process. 

Eco-friendly and Smart choices

If anything, we are seeing eco friendly options and smart home technology increase with each year. The smart technology you can install or add into your home has a wide range of uses from security to speakers to hvac capabilities and you have a lot to look at in those regards. Eco-friendly building materials are also on the rise, whether you are using recycled materials for parts of your build or remodel or you are looking for energy saving appliances and insulation, you cannot go wrong with considering these features. 

Trendy choices

Trends come and go, but only you can decide what you want to include in your home. The trend has to work for your family. A huge trend that came back after 2020 was an at home work space for those who transitioned to working from home all the time or on a flexible basis. A trend we never thought would disappear and has different reactions from different homeowners is an open floor plan, some homeowners are opting for those walls to be put back in place. There are just as many who are leaving things open for entertaining and natural flow from room to room. Designated pet spaces are becoming common as pets are increasingly important to more and more families, but a family with severe allergies wouldn’t want these little nooks in their homes. You have to think about your needs, trends or not. 

Future choice

A huge consideration that you should make is how long you plan to be in your home. While we can’t predict the future, we have a general idea of where we think we will be over the next few years. A family planning to move in five years may want to make different choices than a family planning to build their forever home. The amount of time you are hoping to spend at your new home will make a difference in how much customization you should build into your new home versus making a few concessions for what is popular or help maintain your home’s value. You may also consider if family may be coming to live with you in the near future whether it is a child getting on their feet after college or a parent who is helping out with the next generation. 

To learn more about your options for a trendy home, an eco friendly home, or a remodel for any home, contact Gerard Construction. We have the experience to help you build a home from the foundation up or to turn an existing home into your dream home. 





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