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The Ultimate Guide to Spring Decor

We made it through the coldest temperatures of the year and are already beginning to see the bursts of color on the sides of rows, store aisles filled with our favorite candy eggs and treats, and feeling the temptation of time outside in the beautiful spring weather. Along with these signs of spring, you may be itching to refresh parts of your home, including freshening up your decor. Gerard Construction can help with ideas of what to consider for spring decor.

Change Your Covers

We always love ways you can change your decor with the seasons. We recommend a few throw pillows on couches, chairs, and even in the master or guest bedroom with easy-to-change and store pillowcases in seasonal colors and prints. There are a multitude of choices out there, from trendy designs to colors in every fabric imaginable. If you like something trendy, we recommend one or two pillowcases with coordinating colors on the rest of your pillows. This will help you enjoy something fun without overwhelming a space. While you are changing out pillows, mix and match throw blankets in lighter materials for the warmer months.

Kitchen Space

Kitchens are natural hubs for people to gather in so it makes sense to include the kitchen in your spring decor setup. You don’t want to have to switch out everything in your kitchen every few months though. You can pick a few items to add to the season to bring a new look to this well-used space. Incorporate a few serving dishes of various sizes in spring patterns or hues. Switch out generic towels for a few tea towels to match. Consider a kitchen soap with a spring smell and matching bottle.

Decorating the Bathroom

The bathroom, especially the guest bathroom and master bathroom, can be fun and easy places to decorate in different ways. They are smaller spaces that are tucked away so you can try something without breaking a budget or feeling overwhelmed by the design. Just like in the kitchen, consider a spring-scented soap and new towels as a first step. You can add in extra decor like flowers or other objects that remind you of spring as the space warrants. Adding a new rug to the space can also be an inexpensive way to brighten up this area.

Let in the Light

While we hunkered in during the winter months, keeping shades and blinds tight to keep in some warmth, now is the time to adjust and let in as much light as you can. Use the time to check if blinds and curtains need to be replaced, cleaned, or adjusted as you open them. Add in lighting to spaces where you will need it at night or for outside entertaining. Don’t forget to switch out candles with heavy scents for the lighter aromas of spring.

Ideas for this Year

If you are looking for specific ideas for decorating this year, we expect to see muted greens and blues to pair with the neutral creams and beiges warming homes. These greens and blues can pair wonderfully with well-loved spring decor you already have or new items you have your eye on. Building texture with natural elements and textiles has been strong in popularity and we still recommend adding in these pieces in any of your decor designs. Specifically, wood items, earthen pottery, woven elements, natural fibers, and the use of cotton and linen will bring a fresh, but cozy feel to your space.

Some of these spring decor ideas you can get started on right away. Your dream home incorporates all of your ideas, including the seasonal changes you make in your space. If you need to freshen up more than your regular decor, Gerard Construction can help you with a remodel or build so contact us today.





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