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Gerard Construction works hard daily to build dream homes for families across the Brazos Valley. Whether a new build or a renovation, we don’t want you to have a house or a dwelling. We want every component of your home to be perfect for you. This perfection isn’t just in design or aesthetics; this is also in features that will make your home as comfortable and efficient as possible. By installing energy-efficient windows in your new home, you are sure to have both.

What are energy-efficient windows?

Energy-efficient windows have several components. The frames are made from durable and low-maintenance materials that prevent leaks immediately and for longer. This durability means less repair down the road, keeping your home insulated for longer than ever. The panes are three or more layers to ensure the glass you see will keep things airtight, with less opportunity for heat escape. Depending on your needs, you may consider looking further at what are called U-factors and SHGCs, which would give certain measurements of radiation protection and thermal resistance.

What are the benefits?

There are many advantages to installing energy-efficient windows. The cost savings mean this investment will pay back eventually, reducing the escape of heat or air conditioning, depending on the season. According to Energy.gov, “heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.” This translates to a lot of money going out the window (literally). Besides the cost savings, you want to be comfortable in your home without adjusting the thermostat a lot. Energy-efficient windows will help maintain a more constant temperature in your space. Lastly, because of their thickness and insulation, these windows can help insulate from noise, both being carried in and carried out. This insulation means you can listen to an action movie with less concern about your neighbor getting frustrated or without having to worry about the dog next door waking you up from your nap.

What choices are there?

When energy-efficient window ratings first came out, there were not many choices regarding the types and designs you could get. Now, more and more companies are finding ways to match the design with efficiency. From roller windows to double-hung windows to large, fixed architectural windows, there are choices you can mix and match to fit the needs of every room in your home. Different trim types, in color and material, are available as well to match the overall look and feel of the exterior and interior of your build.

If you are already in the process of planning a build with Gerard Construction, we have probably discussed your window needs. If you are just beginning to plan your new home, we can help walk you through every element of choosing your windows and every other detail that will be needed to make your dream home a reality. To learn more about partnering with us, contact Gerard today.





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