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Top 5 Flooring Trends

Flooring is often one of the easiest decisions for homeowners to make in regards to building or renovating their home. People know what they want and how to adjust based on their budget or home’s needs. According to moneycrashers.com, “These days, there are lots of different flooring options, including several that are very affordable. Vinyl, laminate, and ceramic tile can all cost as little as $1 per square foot.”  If you aren’t sure about which type of flooring you would like in your home, here are options you should consider.

Stained Concrete

Far beyond the pebbled grey of your driveway, stained concrete offers a polished and, potentially, patterned look for your home depending on your tastes. Staining offers a variety of colors and a polished seal provides a finish for those who choose concrete flooring in their home. Concrete is minimal work, needing sweeping and damp mopping to stay clean, but will need to be resealed from time to time. Stained concrete is also a very hard surface and may show imperfections as it settles, an advantage or disadvantage depending on your perspective.


Tile is a surface that can mimic many other types of flooring, including wood planks or natural stone. Tile is also an interesting choice for flooring because of the various sizes and shapes tile can come in. Tile is very easy to clean, from small spots to larger areas; a damp rag or mop is all that is needed. Tile does vary in maintenance, with glazed tile being easy to clean, but the grout needing regular attention, whereas terracotta tile needs sealing to maintain color. Tile can also be difficult to repair or replace if a single tile or small section needs attention.


Wood is one of the most popular choices for homes in the United States and has been for decades. Hardwood floors can be light to dark, have different textures and levels of finishes, and even the plank size differs depending on preferences. Hardwood can be expensive, although many believe it adds value to the home and prefinished wood flooring is a more economical choice. For day-to-day cleaning, hardwood is easy to sweep and mop, but care for hardwood over time involves attention to warping, long exposure to moisture, and tending to scratches in the wood.


Carpet comes in a variety of choices these days, from colors to patterns to plush levels to thread types. Carpet is a frequent favorite, especially for bedrooms and living spaces, because of the soft nature of the flooring, providing warmth and a place to gather on the floor.  In fact, most people stay with carpet leading to its 60% share of the market place according to HGTv. Carpet can also be relatively inexpensive, although the higher level carpets are sometimes your larger investments. Carpet does tend to stain more than other flooring options and for families with allergies, carpet can prove to be a challenge due to the ease at which dander and pollen settle into the fibers. For care, regular vacuuming is important to pick up dirt, along with spot cleaning larger spills. A recommendation to steam clean on a regular schedule will help keep the carpet looking fresh and new.


Vinyl is an interesting choice for flooring right now because of the wide range of looks and sizes vinyl has taken on. Essentially, vinyl can look like any other material on the market except for carpeting. Additionally, vinyl has an advantage at being very easy to install and is usually a cost-savings option for homeowners who want a certain look, but may not have the budget for their top choice. An important detail is to consider quality with vinyl because the comfort underfoot and overall appearance will vary greatly with your price point. Vinyl can be replaced in small amounts if a piece is damaged and is very easy to clean.

To consider options for your home, please contact Gerard Construction today. We can consider each of these options and more on the market as you find the right flooring for your new or existing home.



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