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When the economy feels as though it is at a low point, many individuals choose to delay making big life decisions. They aren’t sure what the next few months or years may hold, so they put off big trips, new cars, and work that their home may already need. There are numerous reasons to go ahead with renovation plans, even during a recession, and Gerard Construction can help you with each step in the process. Our background in finance, paired with our knowledge and decades of experience in construction, make us the perfect team to guide you through this exciting time.

There Are Ways to Save Money

Even if your budget looks slim, there are ways you can approach a renovation that won’t completely alter your savings or budgeting plans. With a list of what you need to get done to your home, you can look over the best ways to cross items off that list without making a big dent in your wallet. Repainting, changing out hardware, and freshening up certain spaces in your home can be very economical ways of renovating without spending too much. What’s more, if you want to approach a larger renovation, our Gerard Construction team can look at your list and provide ideas that are just as stylish and desirable for less money.

Reducing Energy Costs

Whether to save money in the long run, to be more environmentally friendly, or some combination of both, renovations can lead to savings in energy usage. Projects such as replacing windows, adding insulation, replacing your roof, and installing energy-efficient appliances are all ways homeowners are investing in their spending future. By looking at the overall savings and the upfront cost, you can see how renovations may make sense now rather than later.

More Availability

Between COVID, the freeze issues, and other supply chain problems, we needed extra time to order supplies and materials when building over the past few years. Those setbacks are starting to alleviate, and we are finding it much easier to plan our builds and renovations. This helps our homeowners have a better sense of cost and scheduling. As fewer people are investing in their own homes or construction, these tight ordering windows may loosen up further, allowing for a little more flexibility on your end.

Competitive Pricing

In addition to more availability of materials, as the demand drops, supplies will increase, and the prices will tend to level out or drop. This drop in pricing means you may be able to get more for your buck in the long run. Due to the years of experience we have in building and renovating homes, our team can give you a good idea of what a great price is on almost every building material available. If we think you should hold off on a specific countertop or tile for your floor, we will let you know our honest thoughts.

Staying at Home

With a recession, many families stay at home more often. If you are going to be staying at home, you may want to take advantage of the space to its fullest. By renovating and adding on the spaces you need or the outdoor area you will be able to enjoy for years to come, you can create an oasis that is all your own.

To begin planning your renovation, or your build, despite the recession, call our team today. Gerard Construction can walk with you every step, from looking for land to building and design. We love to create and build in this community and to see dream homes becoming a reality.





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