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The Benefits of Buying a Spec Home

Gerard Construction builds homes, but that home building encompasses more than the materials and layout of an actual building. It is about the people who live in it, and we support that with our building process, whether it is building a custom home, a spec home, or renovating a home. A spec home by Gerard Construction is put together, planned, and built by our team to make the best possible home for our community.

Better Timeline

One of the largest unknowns in building a custom home is the timeline. There are so many variables at play that can push your timeline back months or longer. Furthermore, these delays can cascade and build on top of each other, leading to stress and frustration. With a spec home, there can still be a small amount of variance in the timeline, due to weather or similar events, but the timeline is much more controlled and predictable. Depending on when you enter the spec building process, your timeline may be minimal if the home is almost ready for a new family like yours.

Better Budgeting

It is, to some degree, up to the homeowners to stick to a budget, but it can be difficult to do as you are building a custom home. With a spec home, that budget is controlled and set. What’s more, the budget is typically very affordable because the Gerard Construction team is making all of the decisions for the building, which means efficiency and reliability in picking the most economical choices.

Our Expertise

A spec home can be a perfect way to utilize the benefits of our team’s decades of experience building homes, whether custom or spec homes. Our builders and designers understand how to effectively design a layout, choose different materials, and create a home that will leave you wanting to spend years in with your friends and family. Many of the spec homes are also built in spaces with amenities and established communities, which is an appeal for many.

Less Decision Fatigue

When you build a spec home, you eliminate a significant amount of the decision fatigue you may have in other building purchases. With a custom home, you have to make decisions about every component of the home, from top to bottom. You may not have to make any of these choices with a spec home. Depending on when they enter the building and purchasing process, some homeowners may be able to put a few finishing touches on the home. However, every homeowner will make plenty of choices as they outfit and furnish their home after moving in.

Clear Vision

It can be difficult to imagine what components of your home will look like when deciding on architectural plans or walking an empty lot. By choosing a spec home, you can walk through it and see exactly what you are purchasing from the start. You also can test the materials and choices from the beginning, not purchasing first and testing later. Gerard Construction guarantees functionality and quality craftsmanship in our homes, custom, spec, or renovated. By choosing a spec home rather than an older home on the market, you aren’t running the risks of having a home that may need major work or renovation you weren’t expecting later on.

To see our latest spec home, contact us today. We are proud of every home we build and every home that has turned from a dream into a reality. Our Gerard Construction team is ready to help you, whether looking for a spec home or a custom build





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