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Spec Homes and What You Need to Know

Gerard Construction loves to build and remodel, in any way, shape or form. Whether we are helping a family purchase land and create their architectural plans for their dream home or remodeling a home that has been in the family for years and just needs a little tweaking and adjusting, Gerard loves to see homes in this community being made into what the family needs and wants. With our spec homes, we have the same passion for building, with the hope we are creating something a family will fall in love with.

When We Build

We love to build. We spend time looking at trends and new ideas surrounding design and building. We listen to our clients as far as their needs and wants for their homes. We look at homes around us and think how we can better meet people’s needs in their existing homes with an adjustment or two. When we decide to build a spec home, we get to put into practice some of our favorite projects, ideas, and builds that we have done in our community. We try to build a spec home or two a year in order to satisfy the creative needs we have, to predict the needs of the communities that we see, and to help provide additional opportunities for Gerard homes on the market.

Your Role

While a spec home may make people think of less choices for the homeowner, the truth is, it really depends on when someone jumps into the buying process to determine how much they can impact the overall build. While the overall structure and layout of the home may be set, we would love our homeowner’s input on a number of design elements we haven’t put into the home yet – the choice of flooring material, paint colors, different fixtures, and other elements like the tubs or countertop. Each of these decisions will make the home even more like yours before you even unpack your first box. No matter when you step into the design and planning process, the home will have the same quality our area has come to expect from Gerard Construction and will feel fresh and new since the home is built from the ground up.

Gerard Promise

When you sign on for a home with Gerard Construction, whether purchasing a spec home or acquiring land for a new build, our team will walk you through the entire process and lend our expertise every step of the way. If you are able to choose a few of the elements we put in the home, our interior designer, Jennifer, can help you plan and make the best decisions for your new space. Both Jennifer and our build team want people to be happy with the home we build and comfortable with the investment they are making, so we strive to make the best quality home with the overall budget in mind. Additionally, as we complete your build, we are in contact with our homeowners for questions and to help them as the anticipation builds at the end of their home build.

To learn more about Gerard Construction, check out our project gallery. We have homes of all types, renovations of all kinds, and builds to suit every taste. If you are ready to start on your home, contact us today.





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