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Top Trends in Kitchen Backsplash Design

While not immediately noticeable, the backsplash of your kitchen is a great way to add interest and a pop of color as you think about the design aspects of the space. While you will want to think about your cabinet color or stain and structure when you are choosing your backsplash, there are so many options to consider. Gerard Construction can help you choose a perfect backsplash on your new build or on the renovation you are contemplating for your home.

Go Big

Going big for your backsplash can apply to a number of factors. First, larger tiles are becoming trendier for homes rather than the standard sizes. Subway tiles are departing from the standard sizes and even smaller tiles are breaking it up with large tiles mixed in. One benefit of larger tiles is less grout lines to clean. Another way going big is developing into a trend for kitchen backsplash is the amount of space it takes up in your kitchen. Rather than stopping under the cabinets, entire walls are being covered in the backsplash making a statement and creating a focal point of interest. Some tile and masonry can even create the illusion of stone or exposed brick.


While homeowners may not change their kitchen backsplash as often as paint on a wall or the towels and rugs they place around the space, it is a relatively easy way to freshen up your design. For this reason, don’t be afraid to consider patterns in your tile or masonry that are interesting or bold. Not just limited to plain or alternating colors, tile can come in intricate patterns with a Moroccan flair, chevron, or herringbone. For a simpler pattern you may consider a diagonal stripe or something larger.

New Textures

Far beyond the plain laminate of years past, your kitchen backsplash can be made out of many different materials. Some homeowners like a backsplash made from metal or with a metallic sheen to bounce light around the room. Other homeowners are departing from solid surfaces and choosing rock like material to provide depth in their space. While some of these may be harder to clean than others, it is certainly something to consider if you like to design with texture in mind. The stone can also create an authentic and rustic look while the metallic surfaces bring elegance and simplicity to a space.

Throw in Color

Using tiles with color can be a great way to spruce up an otherwise typical kitchen. Homeowners may want fairly neutral cabinetry and countertops but are looking for a way to try something bold. Tiles can be manufactured in every shape, color, and hue you may ever think possible so it isn’t unrealistic to pick your favorite shade for your kitchen backsplash. Again, a backsplash is fairly easy to change out in a few years which means you can keep up with the next set of trends if you want.

To change around your kitchen, from the tile backsplash to the tile floor, or to begin designing an entire kitchen from scratch, contact Gerard Construction. We have a designer on staff that can help you pick your favorites and we work with master craftsmen to make sure your home is perfect. Once you call us, start looking through our image gallery for inspiration and ideas.





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