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Gerard Construction uses material of all types within construction and renovations we do for our customers. Tilework is one of the ways we provide flooring and other coverings, depending on the room. In fact, tile can be a very versatile material since it varies so widely in how it looks depending on a number of factors. Knowing the right tile for you can be completely custom to your home and where it will be placed.


Tile flooring seems to ebb and flow a little depending on the trends, but there has been a recent surge in the use of tile as different materials can be used to mimic wood or other high demand looks, with the durability of tile. Tile can be found and made in any color and with extra detailing, like slate or marble, or faux versions of both of these. You can focus on the look of your tile for the space, while paying attention to how large the room is when picking the size of your tile. Achieving a balance is helpful, so the larger the room, the larger tile you can use. Conversely, smaller tiles, because of the busier look grout can create, may look better in a smaller space.

Many worry about the slickness of tile if it gets wet from rain or spilling something. If the tile you choose for aesthetic reasons is not slip resistant, you can treat it for slip resistance later. While you are treating floor tile, you can also seal the grout, protecting that from spills and damage that may be caused by moisture along the way.

Kitchen Backsplash

While a kitchen backsplash may get a little splatter or two, in general, these tiles are used much less than flooring tile that is walked on every day, multiple times a day. For this reason, your aesthetic choices open a little, with patters and hand painted options being something to consider. If you want to combine a classic look with hand painted details, there are many options to use these together.

You will want something that is easy to clean, so a smoother tile with a glaze on it will be a better choice if spaghetti sauce or brownie batter tends to find its way to your backsplash on a regular basis.


Your bathroom is a smaller space, so you can choose between a medium and smaller tile here. Depending on the look you are trying to create, you will want to think about how your tile looks together if you also use tile as a surround for your shower or on your bathroom countertops. These tiles don’t need to be the same and there are a number of ways you can mix and match tile in different ways to be complimentary. Even if you plan to use bath mats and rugs in your bathroom, you will want to pay attention to the slip resistance of the tile on this floor, as you step out of the tub or shower or splash from the bathroom sink on a regular basis.

Custom Tilework

Our team includes master craftsmen that are skilled at tile work, from the standard to highly custom jobs. Creating patterns, laying at angles, or mixing and matching, depending on what your design includes is no issue for our team. During the planning phase, we can work with you to choose a tile that best fits your needs and meets your design expectations. Tile can even be done into nooks in your shower or in a unique pattern around your backsplash if that is a need you have. By working with our contractors and our designer, if needed, you can find the perfect tile for your home.

Gerard Construction is here to provide advice and guidance every step of the way for your home build or renovation. Contact us today to find out more about taking the first steps to building or recreating your dream home.





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