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How to Prep Your Home for Spring Storms

In this region of the United States, spring storms are common and a condition that requires addressing for our homes. Much like our neighbors to the north have to prep their homes for snow and cold, we need to be ready for heavy rains, heavy winds, and potentially more serious weather systems that may blow our way. Gerard Construction has learned a few tips and tricks for how to prep your home for spring storms, whether already built or in the process of being built.

What to do?

One of your first steps will take you outside the home and involve walking around your property to trim trees, especially those that hang over the home or over your driveway where cars are parked. Tree branches can cause a lot of destruction to your home during storms. You also want to clean your gutters and downspouts to let water flow off your roof and away from your home. Planning for larger storms can be helpful, such as deciding where outside patio furniture will be stored, having a small stockpile of supplies, and deciding on whether or not to buy a generator are important. You also need to know how to shut off your electricity, gas, and water lines, not just in storm season, but as a homeowner in general.

What not to do?

You can install additional protection, but make sure your home actually needs it. A reinforced garage door may be necessary for areas with huge windstorms, but not in others. Do not ignore a roof that needs replacing, as each storm can damage your roof further. Additionally, a small leak can quickly become a large mess in your home with enough rain. Another big concern is diminishing the risk of flooding in your area. Flooding can occur in previously thought “safe” neighborhoods, including areas that haven't seen disastrous flooding in decades. By having a plan and preparing your home ahead of time, you can also avoid being caught by surprise. The past few years can prove that strange and unexpected weather can pop up at any time, alongside the larger storm issues we have plenty of warnings for.

Building Process

We can do several things during the building process to help stormproof your home. From the beginning, we will look at some factors that go into flooding or windstorm damage to mitigate that as much as possible. Additionally, we can suggest certain materials and building products that will help your home. Storm windows, storm doors, roofing materials, and siding can all protect the inside of your home and can be an integral part of the building process. While the materials are important, so is the installation. Our Gerard Construction team will ensure we are putting your home together safely and securely.

To consider some of the storm protection for your home build or to add on a few steps to your next home renovation, call Gerard Construction. We want your home to be your dream home, but not just in looks. We want that dream to be a space that can protect and shelter you and your loved ones in weather events around the year.





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