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You are imaging the space you will one day live in, your new home. You have a good idea of the lot you want to build on, you have secured your financing, and you are just itching to open the front door and start working on the build itself. In your mind, you turn the knob and what you see next will depend greatly on your floor plan. In fact, before you even get to swing that door open, your floor plan will determine where the door, windows, and walkway are placed. Our team at Gerard Construction...
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Gerard Construction has experience in every component of the home building process and financing is no exception to that. In fact, our team is uniquely poised to walk alongside our customers through the process of researching and securing financing for their new custom build home. Michael Patranella spent over 24 years in banking in the Brazos Valley before founding Gerard Construction. Those years of experience help the team at Gerard to understand the three facets of financing, the constru...
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When we talk about building, we aren’t only referring to building homes. We also mean building a community. Gerard Construction is steadfast in helping people create homes in the Brazos Valley. While we love remodels and renovations, especially in giving old homes new life, building homes from the ground up and the relationship that creates between a homeowner and our team, is something we are passionate about.
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Building, fixing, repairing, and renovating is part of who we are at Gerard Construction. We love the excitement of a new project whether it’s helping a new client find land before starting on the perfect architectural drawings or gutting an existing home for an expansion of much needed space. We also love to hear about our friends and community rolling their sleeves up and getting involved in a few do-it-yourself projects. After all, who knows if you or your child that is helping you might not...
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5 Kitchen Designs

17 Jun, 2020 | homebuilding, kitchen design, kitchen | Interior Design & Décor | View Counts (2412)
The kitchen is traditionally the gathering place, a place for food and fellowship and warmth, whether figurative or literal. Unfortunately, the kitchen is often the area that is also most neglected despite it’s use because of the overwhelming choices and fear of costs associated with a refresh or renovation. Whereas other areas can get by with a new chair and a coat of paint, to update your kitchen, there are multiple components to consider. With thoughtful choices, and an eye toward design, th...
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How To Pick the Perfect Exterior Paint

22 May, 2020 | Paint | Exterior Design & Décor | View Counts (1627)
While a fresh coat of paint doesn’t have the best overall scent in the world, there is no doubt that it makes us feel a sense of something new or fresh. Even on the exterior of your home, fresh paint goes a long way in brightening your curb appeal. If you are stuck on where to begin with choosing an exterior paint for your home, Gerard Construction is here to help you.
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FAQ: Landscaping

13 May, 2020 | landscaping | Exterior Design & Décor | View Counts (1224)
While our name is in construction, we do offer a considerable amount of work in the field of landscaping. This is an important component of ensuring a home feels and looks complete, not only for curb appeal, but for your enjoyment to begin every time you take the first glimpse of your home when returning.
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Silver linings can be found anywhere, even in circumstances like our current ones. Seeing more families spending time, together, outdoors is one of the byproducts of our stay-at-home orders that put a smile on our faces. We build homes for families with the hope that good memories will take place within and outside of the foundation we lay and the walls we raise.
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April Showers Bring May Flowers…and Storm Damage

07 Apr, 2020 | storms, damage | Storm Damage | View Counts (4597)
Throughout Texas, it seems we have a fair amount of storms and weather systems that can impact our homes. This is particularly true in the spring, however. Whether rain, hail, or heavy wind, there are a number of ways to protect your family and your home during these times.
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FAQ: Barndominiums

27 Mar, 2020 | barndominium, barn, condominium | Homebuilding Tips & Tricks | View Counts (2884)
Barndominium. For those new to this type of construction, the word itself will give you at least a pause if not stumbling over it all together. A play on the words barn and condominium, barndominiums have been around for decades, but are gaining popularity at a rapid pace. A barndominium may provide the solutions needed for your next home, in a number of ways.
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