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Questions to Ask When Selecting a Custom Home Builder

Gerard Construction knows that building a new home is an exciting start for any family or individual, of any age. Picking a custom home builder may feel a little less exciting, especially when you see how many options are possible. You want the freedom a custom home can provide, but you also want the home builder that is going to work best for you. Gerard knows this is a big choice, so we have a number of questions, and answers, any custom home builder should be able to field.

What experience do you have in building?

We have decades of building experience in the Brazos Valley and love being part of this community. In addition to the building experience, we also worked in finance which gives us a unique perspective and the ability to assist you through the loan and financing part of the process.

Can I see the homes you have built?

We have pictures available now on Pinterest and on our website for you to see the work we are proud of. Additionally, you can tour our homesites depending on the stage, the homeowner, and the individual situation.

How custom does custom mean?

Within the realms of architectural possibility, we can make it for you. We love to hear the big dreams of our clients and to help them achieve those dreams, as their budget and planning allows. Additionally, our designer can help you think of all the little details you may not have imagined possible in a custom home. If you want an electric outlet in the middle of the floor for a specific purpose, we will make it happen. If you want three ovens, we will make sure everything is up to code to provide you with all the heat your baking and roasting plans could need.

I feel like I need a lot of help, can you help me?

We can absolutely help you and are in contact with our home builders at least once a week if not more frequently. We give our cell phone numbers to our clients so they can check-in and ask questions as needed. Additionally, we have the experience needed to think of everything you haven’t or to provide guidance for all of your worries and concerns.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Not only do we build in the Brazos Valley, but we live and raise our families in the Brazos Valley. We want to make sure your build is done right. If you aren’t happy, then we aren’t happy and your recommendation is more important than our bottom line. We will do multiple walk-throughs and punch lists to make sure every chip is repainted and every grout line is perfect. If something breaks, we will make it right.

What guarantees do I have?

Our contractors and our Gerard team are all licensed and some are master craftsmen with years, or decades, of experience. This provides guarantees that your job is being done by someone with training and who is not on their first build. If there is someone on your homesite who is working on their first build, it is in an apprenticeship role. We love seeing new contractors getting trained up, it means more years of building for our team.

Why would you use contractors?

Simply put, we use contractors for their benefit. While we are regularly building new homes, some of our contractors need to take jobs between our builds to make ends meet for their families. We would love to employ them full time and consider them to be part of our Gerard team, but it works better for them to have the freedom to take jobs to fill their schedules beyond simply working for Gerard. We communicate with them regularly to make sure your build isn’t delayed because of their work on another project.

What changes can be made?

We can make changes at any point in time, to a point. Once certain structural portions of your home are in place, there is not an easy way to change that. Once certain items are ordered, it may change the cost or the completion date if you want to change something. We work to communicate with you ahead of time and along the way in order to make sure your decisions won’t cost you money.

Why should I choose you?

We believe there are two reasons you should choose Gerard Construction to build your custom home. First, we have the quality and experience you want for your building project. Second, we have a team that can guide you along any step of the custom build process. Not only can we do your custom build, but we can walk you through land acquisition, architectural plans, and interior design.

If your custom home builder cannot give you these assurances when researching in the area, then the answer is clear, Gerard Construction is the way to go. By partnering with our team, we can make your custom home as custom as you want. Contact us today to begin working with the best





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