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Building a Custom Home: Step 5 - Getting Full Financing/Construction Loans

While a homeowner to be may get bogged down on the pitch of their roof, the best orientation for windows, or the perfect shade of stain for their new stairs, often, financing is the bigger concern and frustration for many. Rarely do we have a family who is ready to pay for their home entirely out of pocket and even those families consider loans for other reasons and purposes.

When building with Gerard Construction, you reap the benefits of decades of experience in finance in addition to the years we have spent in building. There are a number of tips, hints, and nudges we have in place that can make financing an easier part of your build, so you can focus on the fun.

Tailor to Different Lenders

Just like every home is different, every single lender is different. There are some lenders better suited for a traditional neighborhood build and some better equipped for a land build. For that matter, there are some with more experience in larger plots of land versus smaller plots. By knowing these little details, you will use less time and prevent extra work for yourself, by approaching the best options from the start.

Bridging Relationships

We love to say that we don’t just build homes, we build relationships, and that includes bridging relationships between our families and those we know in the banking and finance industry. We have a number of connections carefully tailored and fostered through our time in construction and Michael Patranella’s time in banking himself. We know the best places to approach and the best ways to go about getting the fair financing you need.

Where Are You At?

Your individual building needs will vary greatly depending on where you are at, and we don’t just mean your physical location. Instead, thinking about your current loans and what you are already paying will make a difference for how and where you should pursue your funding. Many families will begin by purchasing a plot of land with plans to build later. However, depending on the terms of that financing, you may find it tricky to get a traditional loan for the building of a home. All that to say, we have solutions we can help you with, depending on your own set of needs.

Honest and Upfront

The best way our company can help with your financing journey is simple. By being upfront and honest about our bid from the very start, barring no major changes from you along the way, you will be able to get exactly what you need from your investor. It does you little good to acquire the funding you think you will need, only to run out of money part of the way through the project. By knowing our business and walking you through the steps from the beginning, you will know what you need from your bank or financial institution from the start.

Walking you through these steps is our goal in every aspect of building a new home. Our team knows construction and loves to work alongside our clients to create a place they can return to at the end of the workday or spend time at during the day. By using Gerard Construction, you will have help and assistance in every way you need. To learn more about our work, see our page or contact us today.

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