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Gerard Construction knows we are in a unique position by having an Interior Designer who is devoted to helping our families in their building process. The level of care and thought Jennifer shows to every detail about a build or renovation helps our clients love their home even more. By doing a little work up front, Jennifer and the rest of the Gerard team can help from the first steps to make your home exactly what you desire.

Think About the Space

While there are definitely some decisions that Jennifer can help make that are based in the aesthetics of your home, the first step is to help her think through your space and what functions best for you. This is why including her in the conversation from the start can be so important, because she can help look over blueprints and plans and help you decide how you will best move from room to room, where extra storage and space makes sense, and what parts you can eliminate as you consider life in your new home. Especially with a custom build, the architect, builder, and designer are resources for you as you set up the footprint of your home.

Think About How You Want to Use the Space

From there, it is important to help Jennifer understand how you will use each space as you work through your design consult. If you gave use five different homeowners with the same floorplan, they would arrange their furniture, use their storage, and live their lives five different ways. In a design consultation the ideas you have about how you would best use the space are then considered with everything from switch placement, extra outlets, types of lighting, and more. Instead of creating solutions after you live in the home, a design consultation can create solutions within the build.

Think About What You Like

Once the utility is out of the way, you can begin thinking about some of the design details that most people think of when they consider interior design. Color, textures, finishes, and materials can be hard to think about when looking at samples or swatches. Bringing in pictures or examples of what you already like, or don’t like, can help your consultation as we get a better sense of who you are and the way you want your home to look.

Know Your Budget

In looking at your entire build or renovation, we have to be aware of the budget you are comfortable with. This is one reason that partnering with Gerard Construction is so ideal, by working with a whole team, the budget is known and adapted as needed along the way. Jennifer is particularly skilled at finding little adjustments and tweaks that meet the homeowner’s expectations and desires without breaking their budget.

Our team, whether on the building side or the design side, loves to see how a home goes from dreams to reality and we really enjoy being a part of that process. To learn more, contact us or start planning your future home by looking at some of our completed projects.





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