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Building a Custom Home: Step 8 - Warranty Information

Once you have gone through all the steps, you have talked to our architectural and design team, you’ve found your land, you secured financing, you chatted with us multiple times over the building process, we’ve secured the punch list, then you may be wondering what is left. Besides the actual moving in and enjoying your new home by Gerard Construction, you can still count on us for years to come.

1. Our communication doesn’t stop. The same open communication and guidance you experience in the building process with Gerard doesn’t stop because your home is complete. Any issues you have can be brought to our attention in the same way. We want your home to be exactly as you intended it to be and we stand by our work.

2. Official warranty is in place. We use an official warranty from the Builders Association and you are protected by that legal document. It will be one of the many forms you sign as part of working with our team.

3. Our promise goes beyond that warranty. While the official documentation is there, we have always gone above and beyond for our customers. Whether we are coming up against something six months down the line or six years down the line, we will work to make it right when it is a building and construction issue.

4. Our reputation is important. We know there is competition in the area for building your home and there is a lot of trust imparted on a company in turning your hard-earned income into a house. Our reputation shows our belief in that and we want our quality to stand out and speak for itself.

5. Relationships are important, too. While the Bryan/College Station area is growing, nobody wants to get rid of that small-town feel. We want to maintain relationships with the people of this community and that means standing behind the homes we have built with them. By helping to grow the community, with solid business practices, our entire town will be better off for it.

6. We aren’t going anywhere. Our company has been in the area for 20 years and we plan to be here for awhile. This area means something to each of us and the homes we build reflect that and will continue to reflect that. Issues come up in construction, it’s part of the industry, and it’s our job, as an honest company, to take care of those issues when they do arise.

7. It’s the only way we will grow. We want your trust in the years coming forward. Whether you decide to grow your family beyond the home you have built and need more space or you are passing along the name of your builder by word of mouth, we want to be the first name you think of. And we hope we are.

To build your home with Gerard Construction, and to start that relationship, from the first steps of the planning process until the very last issue that may pop up along the way, contact us today. We are excited to help you and this community as we build in Bryan/College Station.





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