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Building a Custom Home: Step 6 – Building

After getting your custom estimate from us and then securing the funds, the fun part of the process begins: the building. We aren’t exaggerating when we say we believe building homes is fun. When thinking about how we start with a conversation, move to the planning phase, see the product from the ground up, and then hand over the keys to the homeowner, it gives us a sense of purpose in what we do. However we know the home building process is daunting for many, especially when it gets to the logistics of the build itself. Every step of the way, our team is there to give expert advice and every single build is going to look different.


Timing is a huge component of the building process and, search as we may, there is no crystal ball that gives us the answers we want in how long building your home will take. There are some factors to consider.

  • Weather - The weather will greatly change your timeline, up to a point. Once our subcontractors are working on the inside of your home, there is less issues of weather variability. Up until that point, however, rain and too much water on the ground will delay our building process.       
  • Your Decisions - The more you have planned out ahead of time, and the less you change your mind, the less impact on the overall timeline of the build. That being said, we understand that you want to put in the care and thought that will make this your home. We can work with you to make decisions on your timeline and are available to communicate throughout the process about changes you may want.     
  • Size Differences - The footprint of your home will make a difference in how   long the build takes. Quite simply, the more we build, the longer it will take. There are exceptions though and it isn’t a direct increase in time, so don’t let your dreams of a large home be dissuaded by worries over a longer timeline.
  • Simply Takes Time - Custom building a home takes time. You are putting your unique touches on your home and that will show in the building process. While a build usually takes 6-8 months, there is a 4-6 month process of planning ahead of time.

Who We Work With

From the families we build for to the workers we build with, relationships are key to what we do.

  • Sub Contractors - We have subcontractors that do a large amount of our work, but they are truly like our Gerard family. Many choose to subcontract because it gives them the flexibility to work on projects throughout the area as their schedule allows. Loyalty matters to our company, however, and we have a core group we work with again and again, so much so that some of the subcontractors have worked with us for 10-15 years.
  • Our Team - Our builds are supervised by our superintendent, Greg Kemp. He oversees every component of the build and is another resource in the process of seeing your home’s plans come to reality.
  • Designer - Recently added to our team is a designer and we are excited about this extra touch to the building and planning stages. While some may think of a designer later, when furniture, fabrics, and paint colors are being decide on, a designer can actually begin helping from the very first conversation. Thinking about the look and feel you want your home to have from the moment eyes are laid on your front door can help shape every step of the way.

Location Makes a Difference

The location of your home is important as you decide where you are going to live and how your life will look for the next stage. That location will change a bit of what we do and how we do it.            

  • Logistics - Building a home on acreage, especially far out into your acreage can impact our planning. If we have to put in a road for logistical purposes or travel through rougher terrain, we may have to take a bit more time than originally planned. This is why communication with us is important every step of the way.           
  • Waiting Game - Additionally, sometimes we have to wait on the county, MUD district, or other agency to put in utilities like electricity or plumbing so we can begin certain parts of our build. We have experience with all types of situations and we can help you make sure this goes as seamlessly as possible.

Working with our families to build their homes takes a lot of planning. This is why we do things the way we do. We build a relationship with our families while building their homes and communicate on a regular basis, every step of the way. To learn more, contact us today.

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