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3 Reasons to Build a Custom Home in the Brazos Valley

Here at Gerard Construction, we don't know if we are qualified to make a lot of claims, but we do know we can make a fair amount of observations. One of those observations is the explosive growth Bryan/College Station has experienced over the decades we have been building homes. The once small train station is now a full-fledged city and shows no signs of stopping its expansion in any and all directions. The Brazos Valley is a great place to settle, at any age, and building a custom home with Gerard Construction makes even more sense.

Lower Cost of Living

Living isn't cheap, and it makes sense that we want a good value for the things we need day to day. The Brazos Valley offers the value you are looking for, in comparison to the United States overall and the state of Texas specifically. A report posted by the Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation states that the Brazos Valley's cost of living is lower by almost 14 points than the national average. This lower number means more bang for your buck. This translates to groceries, and consumables, and can mean a better value for your custom home build too.

Everything You Could Want and More

The Brazos Valley is growing at a tremendous rate while retaining a grassroots feel that is appealing to many who visit and live here. There are vast numbers of businesses to choose from, including restaurants, shopping centers, medical facilities, and more. These businesses are well-distributed between large national chains and local favorites, making it easier for you to find what you are looking for each day. What's more, in addition to Texas A&M University, which anchors most of the area together, local public schools are highly rated for families with children. College Station ISD has received an A+ rating from niche.com, and Bryan ISD has a B- rating. There are also numerous parks, entertainment venues, local theater groups, and fine arts opportunities throughout the university. If you are in need of a taste of the big cities, Houston is only 80 miles away, with Dallas being a little bit of a longer trek than that.

Dream Home in a Dream Area

In addition to everything the Brazos Valley has to offer, building a custom home in this area can meet a lot of your needs and wants. Custom home building means you can design exactly what works for you. Gerard Construction will work with you to ensure every square inch of your home is custom-built to your taste and needs. Whether you are looking to build in a community or looking to purchase land a little out of the way of the hustle and bustle of town, we can walk you through every step, from land acquisition to architectural plans to design everything under your roof.

Our Gerard Construction team is committed to building in the Brazos Valley, as we have been for decades. We love watching this community grow, and we are honored to be a part of that growth. By helping you build your dream home in the Brazos Valley, we are adding another piece to this thriving part of Texas that we care so much about. Contact us to begin planning your dream home today.





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