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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

While our area may get another small cold front or two, spring is definitely here in the Brazos Valley. Gerard Construction is available to help with your new home build or large renovation you may need, but there are some tasks around the home that you can tackle as part of a weekend. These tasks will help lengthen the life of your home and help your home look it’s best.

1. Gutters. You should be cleaning out your gutters on a regular basis, making sure they are free of debris and dirt. A few times a year, you need to also check for loose and leaky gutters. Downspouts need to point away from your home to ensure proper water drainage.

2. Check your yard. Your yard or lawn should be even overall. Low spots need to be filled in. The best way to do this is by using compacted soil. By reducing pooling, you can prevent foundation issues and prevent insects from using standing water for breeding.

3. Trim. HGTV advises to “use a screwdriver to probe the wood trim around windows, doors, railings, and decks.” If there are any issues, you want to fix those before wet and warm weather sets in. It is also good to use this time to check your home for any termite damage or other siding concerns that may need repair.

4. Looking Up. While you are walking around the home, take a look at your roof. Missing or cracked shingles will need to be replaces. It may be fun to use a drone if you have one to get a better view, but most big issues can be seen from the ground. Take a quick look at the chimney and consider hiring a chimney sweep for cleaning and repair as needed.

5. Looking Down. Concrete may seem immovable, but it can shift and crack. Check over concrete slabs to see if there is repair needed with concrete crack filler. Your concrete can probably use a good power wash as well.

6. Removal of Extras. If you are done with firewood, move it away from the home to storage. It is recommended to store it off the ground. Broken planters, old toys, unused patio furniture, and other items can be thrown away or donated if items are in good condition.

7. Faucets and Hoses. Especially in years where we have longer freezes, check every exterior faucet. If you turn on the water and can stop the flow of water with your thumb over the opening, you may have pipe damage that needs attention.

8. Heating and Cooling. Have your system inspected by a professional before the hotter months set in. The annual service may seem unnecessary, but a cleaner system really does work more efficiently, saving you money in the long run.

9. Lawn Equipment. If you haven’t used items for a few months, you may want to check over everything now. Sharpen blades as needed and replace other parts so your equipment is ready to go.

If your home is in good shape, this list may only take part of a weekend to check over. If you look over your home and decide you are in need of a bigger outdoor space or that you finally want to take the plunge on that addition to what you have, call Gerard Construction. We can look over your home and help you make plans to make it an even better space. 





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