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New Look, Same Team

30 Apr, 2021 | Rebranding | News | Return|

Our team has been custom building homes and helping families remodel in the Brazos Valley for decades. Gerard Construction considers themselves to be more than simply a business in this area, but a part of the community, working to build homes and relationships in every project we take on. A question that has been lingering though, what makes something worth a remodel?

Remodeling Homes

We know that families are attached to their homes. Houses are not just buildings we live in, but are places of celebration and sorrow, of special occasions and everyday grind, of busy times with loved ones and relaxing times to recharge. As much as the structure can protect us while we do this living in our homes, there are times we need a little tweak, a little adjustment, a little fix, to make our house feel even more like home. Gerard Construction helps you walk through the process, making plans and doing the work to make your home function for you. We take your existing house, filled with the same people, and give it a refresh.

Remodeling Our Brand

The same applies to the Gerard Construction Brand. Our company is not just a way for us to make money, but is a foundation for this area to see families settle and grow, making the community of the Brazos Valley the incredible place that it is. We take pride in the fact that we are part of the fabric of that community, one of the most unique in Texas. As much as we have built on a foundation of integrity and care for our customers, there are times we need a little tweak, a little adjustment, a little fix, to make our business work even better for you. We are walking through a bit of a remodel process ourselves, making plans and doing work to better build and renovate for you. Vice President Kelly Adams states, “Same people, same business, just giving it a little refresh.”

What’s New and What Isn’t

Much like a coat of paint can freshen up your favorite room or new storage can help your home in a number of ways, we look at our rebrand the same way. We will be seeing a few fresh coats of paint with new colors, new images, and a new look for our branding. And just like adding storage can help you navigate and live in your home even better; this rebrand can help you understand our business and our passion in a clear way. Underneath it all, we are the same company with the reliability, knowledge, and expertise our homeowners can count on. 

To learn more about the Gerard Construction family, whether you are looking to build a new home or remodel your existing home, contact us today. We can take you every step of the way. Our team cares about the homes and the homeowners of the Brazos Valley and look forward to refreshing spaces with you. 





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