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Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

Like it or not, the summer heat is here. Temperatures are rising, the sun is shining longer, and students are counting down to the last day of school. With all the work you have put into your landscaping, you will want to take some steps to make sure the beauty and bounty is protected during the summer months. Gerard Construction has a few ideas to help you as we enter this warm season.


This seems intuitive, but there are a few nuances and tweaks you can make when watering your lawn, landscaping, and other foliage. We can never predict when consistent rainfall is coming our way which means homeowners need to take extra steps to make sure their plants are getting the moisture they need. For starters, water early in the morning. Texas Lifestyle states, “lower temperatures and calmer winds cause less water loss to evaporation.” You may think the evening would produce the same results, but the darkness can lend itself to some decay in your lawn which you want to avoid. Rather than watering every day for a short amount of time, water a few times a week for long enough that the water can soak in 6-8 inches deep.

Know Your Plants

It is best to try and stick with plants that have adapted and acclimated to this weather anyways. They will be able to tolerate the warmer temperatures and longer hours with sun than plants that are native to other parts of the country or world. They can also handle the stress a bit better, meaning they will bounce back easier if difficult conditions are faced. Native flowers, Bermuda grass, and other choices will make your life easier. An added bonus, some of these native plants are perfect for attracting butterflies, bees, and other pollinators that will help our local ecosystem thrive.

No Hassle

Zero scaping or xeriscaping is the choice for homeowners who want to put in a little work up front to have less work later on. Rather than planning all rock and concrete, you may consider patches of no landscaping, especially with a dining set or fire pit area, paired with spots to highlight native grasses and shrubs. Be thoughtful about what borders you want to put in place and build texture with different types of materials. An added bonus of xeriscaping is that you will certainly save money on your water bill, and you can put that money back into other great renovation projects.

Once you have a plan for your backyard, contact our Gerard Construction team for ideas for your patio build out or covered extension to enjoy this space even more. When we say we build homes, we know that concept extends far beyond the four walls and roof that you sleep under and we want your entire piece of land, whether a suburban home or several acres, to be perfect for you.





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