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Maybe you aren’t quite ready for a full renovation with Gerard Construction, but your kitchen or bathroom is in desperate need for a face lift. Our team has a few ideas for what you can do to upgrade your cabinets on a long weekend, or you can call in our contractor team to help. These ideas can be as budget friendly or as invested as you want and can provide good insight to what you may want our team to build for you in the long run.

New Hardware

This is always the easiest way to upgrade your cabinets, by changing out or adding on hardware to your cabinet doors and drawers. Pulls and handles come in all finishes and styles. For the easiest switch, replacing what is already in place would only take a minute or two per piece. If you have to drill holes for new hardware, make sure you measure for even and correct placement. Switching out the hardware can vary in terms of investment depending on your tastes, the style you choose, and how many you need to add.


Adding in color for a refresh can be a great weekend project to upgrade your cabinets. You will want to take the time to make sure you mark each cabinet door with where it returns because they don’t always line up correctly. Next, you will want to clean your cabinets with soap and water to remove any debris. Sand them down and prime them for the most even application of paint. When choosing a paint, try out a few different colors and leave them for a few days to see them in different lights. If you begin to get overwhelmed, call our team to step in and help out. We have experience with rehabbing the cabinets you already have in place.

Replacing Doors

If you want a completely new look but need to keep the existing structure of your kitchen in place, you might consider replacing the cabinet doors only. By opting for new doors or by changing out a few doors to glass front, you can upgrade the look of your kitchen without a full renovation. Pay attention to which doors you open to glass or remove all together, you will want to make sure those spaces are tidy or have a few accent pieces that add to the overall look of your kitchen.


If all else fails, Gerard can come in to begin designing and planning your new kitchen. Our team can help you eliminate possibilities that won’t work for you and look for ideas that make your kitchen, bathroom, or utility a great place for organization, storage, and display. Try and have a rough idea in mind of what you would like and bring in a range for the budget you would like to stay within. We can give you guidance to take the next steps and provide master craftsmanship every step of the way.

Our Gerard Construction team has experience building every part of your home, from laying the foundation to upgrading the smallest room you have. Rely on our expert advice and skills to make your home a dream home. To learn more about a build or renovation with us, call today.

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