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Clever Ideas for Your Laundry Room

When trying to decide where to allocate budget for remodeling and renovation, the laundry room is often an overlooked part of your home. However, with a few simple tweaks and adjustments, with the help of Gerard Construction, this small room can make a mighty impact on the functionality of your entire home.


Adding storage into your laundry room, with custom cabinetry and shelves made by Gerard Construction, is a great way to add utility to your laundry room. By choosing custom cabinetry and shelves, you can think about your needs in the room, whether space for storing cleaning supplies, hiding the heavy machinery, or a place to store laundry baskets and other items. 


One of the benefits of custom cabinetry is that you can think through the best way for you to add onto your laundry room, which is typically a smaller space. By building a long countertop over front loading washer/dryer sets, you have a space to fold and stage all of the laundry you may do through the week. If your family uses a laundry room as an entry point for your home, you may want storage solutions for shoes, book bags, and other items that are better contained in one spot. 

Double Duty

Consider what you may want your laundry room to be used for besides laundry, if possible. Some kennels for pets can be stashed away in the laundry room and we can help build a functional piece on top of it. Hooks can be used for multiple purposes like coats, hats, or laundry bags. By looking at single parts of the laundry room and thinking about how they can be used more than once, you can use your space more efficiently. 

Add a Bar

Often forgotten about in the laundry room is the helpfulness of items like bars for hanging clothes to dry or for items that need to be hung up immediately. This is also a great way to store coats during the winter months if you need a space for your family’s warmer items. 

Going Up

Use the space on your wall as much as you use items like cabinets and shelving. Gerard can build hinged spaces for you to fold or iron items on, add floating shelves as requested, and add a pegboard for tools you may want to have easily accessible.

Decorate Your Space

Just because it is a laundry room that guests won’t always see, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun to decorate. In fact, the laundry room is a great place to try out a new color, a fun wallpaper, or to decorate exactly how you want without worry if any guests will enjoy the space. While there is plenty of decor that is laundry themed, feel free to try something out just because the space is yours. 

If you are ready to make your laundry room the most functional and fun space in your home, contact Gerard Construction today. We can build out the space and renovate with custom cabinetry and shelves to make your laundry room work for you. 





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