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In many ways, your home should be what you want it to be. Not only should the overall architecture and layout serve the needs of you and your family living there, but the design should also contribute to serving you concerning form, function, and beauty. Gerard Construction has several tips to help you design the room of your dreams to help it serve you better.
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Clever Ways to Add Storage at Your Home

11 Jul, 2022 | Storage | Interior Design & Décor | View Counts (647)
Gerard Construction knows that your desire for your home is function and storage is a large part of that. There are a few tips and tricks you should consider when deciding on the storage you need.
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With more focus on organization and the rising popularity of open shelving, styling this space has not only become an area of interest, but also a needed area of consideration. Gerard Construction has the tips and tricks you need to make this space look great.
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How to Pick the Right Flooring

23 May, 2022 | Flooring, Remodel | Interior Design & Décor | View Counts (1185)
Our Gerard Construction team knows you have probably thought about what your flooring should look like, but choosing the best flooring goes far beyond aesthetics. There are a number of components you should take into consideration when choosing the right flooring.
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15 Design Mistakes to Avoid

03 May, 2022 | Design, Graphic Design | Interior Design & Décor | View Counts (1057)
Building, renovating, or redesigning your home can be a hugely creative task. From all the logistics of the build, which our construction team at Gerard Construction can cover, to the design elements you will develop, you may go into decision making overload. Adding on the pressure of wanting to make sure your design will last beyond a trendy year or two can be daunting. Our team can help you make decisions you will love paired with elements you will be comfortable with by avoiding some of these...
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Maybe you aren’t quite ready for a full renovation with Gerard Construction, but your kitchen or bathroom is in desperate need for a face lift. Our team has a few ideas for what you can do to upgrade your cabinets on a long weekend, or you can call in our contractor team to help. These ideas can be as budget friendly or as invested as you want and can provide good insight to what you may want our team to build for you in the long run.
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While the most important aspect of design is you being comfortable and happy with the design elements you choose for your home, it is always fun to explore what trends are up and coming. This is especially true if you don’t have any ideas for what you do or don’t like. The entire team at Gerard Construction loves to look at new ideas and trends for the homes you are custom designing to the homes we are building out ourselves to put on the market. We can’t help but feel excited about what is c...
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Of all the details people may imagine about building their dream home or renovating their existing home, cabinet hardware may not be high on the list of things to consider ahead of time. The truth is, cabinet hardware can make a difference in a subtle way to your bathroom, kitchen, or other areas where Gerard Construction has included cabinetry. Here are a few tips our construction and design team recommend for your home.
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Having an Interior Designer on the Gerard Construction team was a great step in serving the families who build or renovate with us. However, many have asked what the difference is between interior design and interior decorating as they begin to work with Jennifer through this process.
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How to Create an Accent Wall

16 Mar, 2021 | Accent Wall | Interior Design & Décor | View Counts (989)
While we here at Gerard Construction love building homes from the ground up, we know there are many who love the homes they are already living in. Mostly. They may want to add on a room or patio. They may want to renovate their kitchen or master bathroom. Or they may want a few ways to spruce up space that is already functioning well for their family. Creating an accent wall for certain rooms in your home is one way you can easily accomplish a quick spruce.
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