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Building a Custom Home: Step 4 - Getting a Custom Estimate

Everything about your experience with Gerard Construction should be custom, from the architectural plans to our interactions and even to the costs you incur. If the details and plans you are making for your new home are unique to you, then the investment you make will be unique to you as well.

Don't pay for what you don’t want.

This is an important difference between custom building and purchasing an existing home or building within spec communities. Either you have to make do with aspects because you are buying something that is already built, or you have to compromise because that is simply how the homes are built in those locations. Where there are some customizations that can take place, this is usually in the form of colors or choosing between certain options or materials. If you don’t like a certain cabinet or window or footprint, you still have to pay for those and possibly look at making alterations down the line.

With Gerard, you may end up saving money over the life of the home because you are tailoring the build to your exact specifications. There is little need for compromise because we can help create your custom home, which means you aren’t paying for extras you don’t want, need, or even like and you aren’t already planning on saving up for a remodel down the line.

We build relationships, that include our contractors.

Gerard’s business is built on relationships. We work hard to build relationships with our customers and work just as hard to build relationships with our contractors. Many of our contractors are part of the Gerard team, but even specialty contractors are part of our extended family. Our years of experience in the Brazos Valley help maintain these relationships. Not only are you getting the best prices this way, but you are also getting quality work that you won’t have to go back and fix down the road.

Breaking down specific costs for your build.

Your home with Gerard Construction is designed and built exclusively for you. With this, we know exactly what the price is for every single material purchased for your home. We aren’t taking bulk prices and dividing them up among 20 homes without a real sense of the cost per home. If you choose to upgrade or budget in different ways, we know exactly how to help with that every step of the way.

Further, you can automatically see where every cost is which helps you stay on target with your budget and vision. If having a certain material or option is important to you, we can show you how that fits in. Similarly, if you are wavering on a fixture or upgrade, we can offer you the full information to make a better decision.

Knowing your design from the start.

When you know the overall look you are trying to achieve in your home, with textures, hardware, color, and materials, you can begin building that into your home build and budget from the very start. This creates a seamless approach to the aesthetic of your home. Someone who wants a modern and streamlined design will choose materials that are different from someone who wants a cozy and rustic feel. With our team, we can begin integrating this into your plan and your cost estimate from the start, preventing the need to change or add on later while making you happier with your new home at the start.

To learn more about working with Gerard Construction to custom build your home, contact us today. We strive to make every aspect of the home building process unique and personalized to the customer and enjoy seeing what we can build, together.





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