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How to Decorate Your Home

Whether you are looking to put extra effort into the upcoming season or just wanting to freshen your space while at home more often, decorating your home can be a fun way to get a new look in the spaces you already love. With a few touches of color or through rearranging furniture to better serve your needs, you can get a new look with our Gerard Construction team. 

Pick and Choose Wisely

This applies to a number of different aspects, in choosing which spaces to freshen up and redesign first. When trying to decide which room to decorate, HGTV recommends starting with your bedroom for one simple reason, you spend at least one third of your time in the bedroom. By focusing on this greatly used space, you will be able to get the most for your dollar. Choose your bedding first, with an eye in mind for the furniture you have or want to purchase for the space. While design and color are important for bedding, so is quality, pay attention to thread count and feel. Once you have bedding, you can think about window treatments, wall color, rugs, and accent pieces that both complement and enhance one another. 

If you already have the bedroom design of your dreams, think about the next most used spaces in your home. Some may pick a home office while others may choose the kitchen. Some families may opt to put money into their outside spaces while redesigning a bathroom may be a good option for others. By thinking about how your family uses your home, you will be better able to decide how to spend your budget well. 

Design Doesn’t Need to Match, It Needs to Fit

It may be easy to look at a store shelf and choose the packaged design elements they have preselected. However, if you want to create interest and build depth in your design, you should look beyond those choices. If you care about a specific set, choose a few pieces that you love and build off it. Maybe you look for a complimentary color for a few accent pillows. Maybe you pull a small detail from a pattern and look for that in an art piece for the wall. By searching for elements that you have paired together, you will be much more satisfied with the room you have put together. 

Additionally, the items you select need to fit in the room, quite literally. A large room with a large footprint and tall ceilings will look more complete with larger pieces of furniture. Contrasting, a smaller room, even when trying to achieve a cozy look, should have the correct scale and proportions, otherwise it will look crowded. 

Other Solutions

There are ways you can slowly redesign or decorate your home from scratch to begin. Adding hardware, changing the warmth of lightbulbs, a fresh coat of paint, or a few small pieces will alter rooms and their feel. Live in your home in order to decide what each room actually needs. You may love a large sectional for a living room, but decide that an oversized armchair and couch is a better choice for the space. Another way to begin your redesign is to clean your areas and declutter items you don’t want in those rooms, no matter what the design looks like. This will give you a better sense for what needs to go in the room and what you need a home for. 

Our team includes an interior designer who is equipped to help with any room, at any point of your home’s life. Whether you are starting from scratch and want input on making a cohesive look to your home from the curb to the smallest cupboard or you are closer to the end of a renovation and can’t imagine making a decision by yourself, our designer can help walk you through the decorating process. 

To build your custom home or to make your existing home better fit your needs, our Gerard team has every step covered for you. From land acquisition to décor, we help build more than houses, we build homes. To learn more, contact us, today. 





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