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Tips for a Successful Kitchen Remodel

Of all the places in the home, the kitchen can sometimes be the most complicated to plan and design. In most homes, the kitchen balances function and comfort as it is the location of a fair amount of utility and socialization. A kitchen remodel is one of the more frequent areas people think about, research, and work towards in their homes. Gerard Construction appreciates every room of the home but understands the importance of a kitchen remodel for you and your loved ones. Below are a few tips that will help make your kitchen remodel successful.

Live out a dream day.

With any build we do, including a kitchen remodel, we ask our homeowners to take the time to think through a dream day in their new space. Think about every step and task that would happen in this space, where you would reach for items, where you would work on certain projects, and where you would want people to gather. Since the kitchen is a communal space in many homes, you may want to imagine a few different scenarios, including a small gathering, an elaborate meal, a large party, and what clean up would look like for everyday and special occasions. This imagination practice can ensure that your kitchen remodel meets all your needs, not just a few.

Think technologically.

With smart homes and appliances becoming more commonplace, think about different technological advances that could make your kitchen remodel better for your home. Having the ability to start and stop certain appliances from your phone, adding in appliances you haven’t had before, and tucking away what you don’t want to see are all possibilities with new technological features on the market. At the very least, consider outlets and lighting that will help make your space more functional in the long run. 

Consider color.

Color is a detail that can often be overlooked in a kitchen, especially in a smaller space where lighter hues help an area seem brighter and more open. Having specially selected spaces for color can be a perfect way to create interest in a space. Don’t just think about color; consider textures, materials, finishes, and stains. By layering these in unique ways, your kitchen remodel will seem more and more like a space created by and for you. If you aren’t sure where to start, we have a designer that can help you with each decision, big or small.

Is it just a kitchen?

This question may seem strange to consider, but it should be taken into account well before your kitchen remodel begins. Office nooks, dining space, laundry appliances, and pet homes are all common parts of kitchens; if you have the footprint for a desired addition, we can help you build that out. You can also consider extra spaces like additional pantries or double appliances, depending on what you want and what area we have to work with. 

Lighting and storage.

These two parts of a kitchen remodel are not just needed, but crucial. There are dozens and dozens of different pieces that go into a kitchen, from dishes to silverware, from knives to chopping blocks. All of these spaces need a home and should be an integral part of your kitchen remodel planning, not just an afterthought. Lighting should be part of this too, from overhead lighting to under-counter lighting to assist with food preparation and safety. After all, it is said you eat with your eyes first, which would be a challenge without the right lighting in place. 

For help with your kitchen remodel, or to plan a remodel for any other room of your home, contact Gerard Construction today. Regardless of your budget, we can partner with you to create the kitchen space of your dreams. If you are still deciding on what those dreams may entail, then we can help you with the process. Be sure to visit our gallery for more ideas in the meantime!





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