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How to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

12 Dec, 2022 | Remodel, Kitchen | Remodeling | Return|

With the time we spend in the kitchen, preparing food, enjoying snacks, and having fellowship with family and guests in our homes, it is no wonder homeowners may want to revamp and remodel this space. Making budget-friendly decisions is always a consideration for many, especially in a room where the average kitchen remodel can cost anywhere between $12,800-$21,200, according to HomeGuide.com. Gerard Construction has a few tips and tricks to remodel your kitchen on a budget.

Quick Fixes

As a homeowner, there are a few things you can do that will help your kitchen space feel new without costing too much. The first thing to consider is clearing clutter from countertops, pantries, and inside cabinets. You will automatically help your kitchen feel fresh and new by tucking away items you don’t need every day. If you need a few storage pieces to help with this, you can find budget-friendly prices at stores across the area. Another thing to consider is changing your kitchen linens, including any mats or rugs. These can quickly look dingy and dirty because they get used too much. Replacing them will help your kitchen look updated. Another quick change many homeowners consider is switching out the hardware on cabinets and drawers. You can swap or add pulls that will bring in a new look.


For a larger update, you may want to contact Gerard Construction about painting your cabinets. The prep work to clean and strip cabinets and the work it takes to paint them is a great task for our expert team to take care of, while still staying budget conscious. Even if you don’t want to paint your cabinets, having quality wood stripped down, lightly sanded, and restrained can update your room. You can also consider only painting, restraining, or switching out partial cabinets, like those around your kitchen island, for a statement piece built into your room.


You can add a few items for less expense to make your remodel work best for you. Adding floating shelves offers functional decor. A breakfast bar is another quick way to add decor and function, without spending too much money. You can add in a shallow built-around, sometimes in a contrasting material, like wood against your existing granite countertops, and barstools to create this space.


With the help of a licensed professional, remodeling your space with new lights can make a space look completely different. Additional light can increase the enjoyment of your cooking and eating as well, as you are better able to see the food you are working with and preparing for your loved ones. You may consider a decorative light fixture paired with something standard, like pot lights or simple pendants, as you are shopping around.

Gerard Construction works with each of our homeowners to meet their expectations and their budgets. We have a good idea of the real cost of these projects and will work to help you stay within your budget while creating the home of your dreams. To learn more, contact us today!





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