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5 Benefits of Having an Outdoor Kitchen

As you contemplate your next outdoor activities and renovations, your stomach may begin rumbling, and you may find yourself thinking about how good appetizers, drinks, or a full meal would be as you spend time outside. Planning for an outdoor kitchen is a great idea to consider as you improve your home to make it closer to the dream home you’ve always wanted. Gerard Construction has a few ideas for why an outdoor kitchen may be perfect for you.

Slows the traffic. 

While we all want kids, family, and guests to feel comfortable in our homes, people coming in and out can cause stress as doors are left open, leaving bugs to make their way inside. By having an outdoor kitchen, you are reducing some of the in and out traffic of food brought outside, people getting second helpings inside, and kids checking in on when dinner may be ready. What’s more, if you are enjoying time outside with your kids or are working hard on your landscaping, it can be easy to grab a snack or beverage from an outdoor refrigerator. 

Keeps the socialization going.

 With an outdoor kitchen, you can cook, prep food, and serve while spending time with your loved ones and visitors. Too often, the host or hostess can get stuck inside the kitchen as they work to make everything perfect for everyone else. Once the meal is over, there is also the urge to take things inside and clean dishes rather than lingering in the dining area. An outdoor kitchen can be equipped with a sink to quickly rinse off dishes and leave them until everyone is ready to go in. 

Increases the value of your home. 

House Digest reports on a study that shows outdoor kitchens can produce a return on investment of anything from 100-200%. This ROI makes an outdoor kitchen a great investment, especially considering each time you cook and entertain in this space. An outdoor kitchen and entertainment space is incredibly appealing to the next round of homebuyers and can help you command an asking price if you decide to sell down the line. 

Extra enjoyment and time outside. 

If you are looking for more enjoyment, an outdoor kitchen is sure to help add to that. Spending time outside can be beneficial to homeowners for several reasons and adds to overall mental wellness. Another added benefit of having an outdoor kitchen is the increased chance of you saving money because you are eating at home instead of looking to go out to eat. 

Reduces smells and mess. 

This benefit to your outdoor kitchen comes with a caveat, the mess still may be there, some of the best foods involve marinades and sauces, and a little splash against the grill or counter is bound to happen. However, the mess will be outside instead of trapped inside. Additionally, some of the smells that can linger for days after cooking certain foods inside will be outside and float away after your dinner is over. 

If you are ready to start building your outdoor kitchen or want to add to the plans already in the works with Gerard Construction, contact us today! We can help you think through the available options and some extras you hadn’t considered. This space can take on many different scopes and sizes, so we can likely find the perfect fit for your dream home.





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