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When feeling a financial pinch, whether because gas prices are high or jobs are in transition, it can be hard to think about how to decorate your home. Being on a budget doesn’t mean needing to leave your home stark or leaving your home with a design you don’t prefer. Gerard Construction can offer advice on home decorating within an affordable price range.

1. Embrace the Accent. Maybe you can’t afford to do an entire room in a design you like. You may want a high-end wallpaper or paint treatment in your living room. Instead of doing the whole space, consider a single wall to create a dramatic statement for a fraction of the cost. This practice works for other projects in your home; by utilizing a feature or finish in a small space, you can help that area stand out boldly.

2. Disguise the Space. Old tile, chipped floors, or paint you aren’t ready to change, are examples of several areas you may desire to hide or, at the very least, diminish in your home. By disguising the space with a rug, large picture, or other forms of camouflage that you love, you can save money and give yourself time to make the choice you want.

3. Move it Around. One of the best ways to create new looks in your home is to take what you already have and rearrange it in different rooms. While timeless pieces with clean lines are easiest to move around, mixing and matching different textures, materials, and looks can create a design that is entirely your own and helps your space feel fresh and new.

4. Repaint. While we may not necessarily recommend repainting or finishing for your entire home, we do, however, endorse a weekend project repainting or refinishing a piece of furniture you have or found for a bargain. Throwing on some color and new hardware can revamp an existing or older furniture piece to be what you envisioned.

5. Conceal. Concealing applies to many different parts of the design. Conceal your clutter, whether it be book bags and tennis shoes, dirty laundry, old receipts, or the simplest form of clutter such as wires and appliances. By concealing some of these messy areas, we can truly see our home design and evaluate what we want, all through a completely free de-cluttering process!

6. Small changes. Adding a single light, changing a shower curtain, adding new throw pillows, or trying a centerpiece can redesign a space with a small budget. You can build out a design and stretch your dollar by making small changes and focusing on one room at a time.

7. Update Your Hardware. We have encouraged this before, but try changing out or adding hardware to cabinets and drawers in your kitchen, bathroom, or utility space. You can always change your design with a bit of elbow grease and a small investment.

8. Color. Group books by color, add a pop of color to a monochromatic design, buy new tea towels, or add hooks to an entryway to store and display your favorite jackets and purses. Adding color to your design or arranging color interestingly can be affordable and fun.

9. Multipurpose. Consider how budgets could merge if you have a budget for needs and design. If you need a cutting board, consider one made of quality wood in an interesting shape and stain that can be displayed as part of your kitchen design. The bathroom storage is a great way to intersect needs with design through containers filled with everything you need.

10. Mix and match. Don’t be afraid to mix and match utility and beauty or different elements together. A dining room table can have a bench and chairs and serve the same purpose. Dishes can be paired together with similar colors or designs. Think outside the box to make your space and budget work for you.

If you are looking to add design to your existing home on a budget, there are many ways you can create the home you love. Gerard Construction is passionate about helping homeowners, new and existing, create those homes through building and renovating. From the ground up, our team, including our designer, can help you make your dream a reality; contact us today!





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