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What to Look for in a Contractor

A contractor becomes an important part of your life when building or remodeling a home. The person you choose will not only be someone you are consistently communicating with but they will be trusted with an important component of your life, where you live. 

Licensing and Insurance

Issues arise and accidents happen, even with the most careful teams. Making sure that proper licensing, insurance and other documentation is in place for the company will protect your project, and you, in the event of an unexpected occurrence. In addition to checking these safeguards, look through consumer protection sites and the Better Business Bureau for any red flags. One of the advantages to Gerard is the experience brought by the team, but also the diligence in ensuring procedural safeguards. Our company also works with building organizations on the local and national level to learn more about construction in general, while working to stay accountable to the rules of our trade.


The experience incorporates a number of aspects in regards to looking for a contractor. You may have glowing references for a contractor from friends and family, but they might have only done renovations and you want to build from the ground up. Or you may know a highly recommended contractor, but after seeing their work in other homes, disagree with the reviews. You also want to think about the materials or methods a contractor has worked with before. If you want a specific treatment or custom build, you need a contractor that has the experience to provide the best version of those specifics. At Gerard, we are diligent about learning new methods to stay on the cutting edge of trends while also employing master craftsmen and carpenters to build out your home perfectly.

References and Reviews

A great place to start is to ask friends, family, and your social network for recommendations for builders. Chances are, someone you know has opinions, possibly strong ones, about builders and contractors in your area. The list compiled can be a starting point. If you know these people personally, look at the work done on their home, ask about the project timeline or how issues were handled along the way. Once you have a list of potential contractors, begin looking through their websites and ask for portfolios. Consumer Affairs touches on an important facet of the pictures presented in these forms, “keep in mind that home improvement contractors only include their best work in their portfolios. If any completed project is not up to your standards, it’s likely their average work is even worse.” You want a contractor who is transparent about presenting their work and is proud of the projects they hand over to their clients. Gerard Construction is focused on quality and satisfaction, in every project we do.


When searching for a contractor, reach out to them through a variety of mediums. Submit a contact form through their website, call their office, and meet face-to-face. The ways they handle the different forms of communication will provide context for how communication will take place during your project. Factors that play into assessing communication may be timeliness, tone, and how much you, as the consumer, felt heard during the communication process. Our motto is that we not only build structures, we build relationships. We know there are expectations and hopes at stake with your building project and want our clients to feel like we are part of a team. 

Logistics and Scheduling

Having a strong and steady crew, access to building materials and a grasp on realistic deadlines is imperative for your contractor. As you are collecting information from potential contractors, taking bids is an important step. Bids should be as similar as possible in the materials and methods used. Keep in mind that, generally, 40% of the cost is materials and 15-20% is the profit margin. Discuss with your contractor about what may happen if a design is altered or if the timeline is pushed back drastically. Our team knows that the first steps of planning are just as important as handing over your keys at the end of the project, so we work tirelessly through every step in planning and implementation with our clients. We also have numerous resources throughout the Brazos Valley by carefully fostering relationships within our community, meaning the best team is available to you.

If you are ready to see if Gerard is the ideal contractor for your redesign or new home, reach out to us today. Begin looking at our online gallery and contact us with information about your plans. We look forward to building with you soon.

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