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What to Expect When You Are Building Your Home

Potential homeowners often have no idea what to expect when they decide to build a new home. While Gerard Construction is tireless in making the build process a smooth and enjoyable season of your life, when hiccups do take place, we are here for you during the entire process of the build.

Expect Payment

We don’t necessarily mean you will be paying more out of pocket than originally planned, although increasing your budget does happen in some builds. In fact, according to moneycrashers.com, a finance site, homeowners who are building their homes can expect to pay approximately 20% more through the time it takes to finish their project. New ideas, altered plans, desiring an upgrade seen at a friend’s house can all factor into a budget which should hold a little flexibility. It is no secret that purchasing or building a home involves money. While building may not be more expensive than purchasing a pre-owned home, especially when you factor renovations into the allotted money, some money is being placed into your new home no matter what. Gerard intrinsically understands the financial side of home buying and building and our background in finance gives homeowners who partner with us a leg up in making sure their budget is as close to reality as possible.

Expect Delays

We have years of experience in building and renovating homes which means we can provide a fairly realistic timeline of how long an ideal construction should take. The key component there is ideal. The number of factors contributing to delays is often beyond anyone’s control. Weather delays are fairly common, even for just a day or two, but shipping and supply delays can also back your timeline weeks or sometimes months. Gerard tries to provide a range or estimate for when you will be able to move into your new home to assist with your mindset when building. Additionally, we personally employ many of the craftsmen and construction builders we partner with in order to ensure they are working towards the completion of our projects rather than waiting for time to free up in their schedules.

Expect Availability to Change

Occasionally a preferred item, like tile, flooring, bathtubs, or other fixtures for your home will sell out before it is time to purchase. If we can purchase certain items early enough in the building process we will, but sometimes an early purchase is either cost or storage prohibitive. It is unfortunate when a chosen item or trim piece is sold out from under a client, but we work to find the next closest match or to find one equally beloved at a similar price point. If there is a specific and unique piece you know you want above any other, please let us know right away so we can make sure to work with the respective companies to ensure your dream home is created exactly how you wish. And if you aren’t ready to make certain choices, US News provides clear advice, “[…] have the builder write in allowances with specific dollar amounts.”

Expect to Be Overwhelmed

There are so many decisions that go into building a new home. Many homeowners are surprised by the level of customization that can really take place when creating their own home and building from the ground up. Going far beyond paint colors and countertop choices, tiny measurements, trim pieces, outlet placement, and more merely scratches the surface of questions you may be asked to make during the process. We highly suggest collecting design and layout ideas in a single place, whether on your Pinterest board or in a binder. These ideas can be brought to the design team on staff with Gerard to assist you in making decisions you will love in your home for years to come.


Gerard Construction strives for each of these expectations to be minimal throughout the building process. We put much thought into every build we begin and push for clear, consistent communication as much as possible. We are excited at the opportunity to partner with you, for a custom build or renovation in an existing home, so contact us today.



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