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It’s not only a new year, but it is also a new decade and we here at Gerard Construction cannot wait to meet the individuals and families who we will get to partner with to build their homes. Along with the change in calendar comes a new set of trends and techniques which means each of the homes we create may take on a few of these new design ideas.

Colors in the Kitchen

We have already seen this trend popping up from time to time with cabinets or décor sporting colors around the kitchen, but expect to see more of it as the year continues. While an all-white kitchen will still claim a large percentage of popularity, mainly due to its versatility and the way it opens up spaces, many are adding hints of soft tones of colors, especially in greys and blues. Additionally, Houzz, a home remodeling database, suggests “Pops of wood, which can be introduced through open shelving, countertops, drawers, and pull-outs.”

Formal Dining Rooms

Many, especially families, have used a formal dining setting for workspace or playrooms over the past few years, but sit-down dinners and parties are reclaiming their space and multiple seating options are growing in popularity. Bold colors and patterns will be seen décor wise and become more and more defined through the coming years.

Seating in the Bathroom

The bathroom is about more than cleaning these days and individuals are seeking spaces to truly be able to relax or get ready for their day. Vanity stools or a bench near a bath is a way to take up a small footprint but add this option. Of course, if you are building with us, we can evaluate the best ways to make your bathroom the perfect match for your needs.

Extra Laundry Space

The laundry room in each home is usually a high traffic and well-used space. Why shouldn’t the room provoke happiness and enjoyment? With the addition of signs and color, along with storage space, functional folding shelves, and a little extra wiggle room, a homeowner just may learn to enjoy their time doing a never-ending chore.

Multifunctional Spaces

As clean lines dominate many furniture choices, homeowners are seeking opportunities to combine spaces as much as possible. Kitchens double by having a nice sitting space where family and guests will want to linger. Larger closets house a simple desk and lamp in order to function as a home office as well. Taking advantage of the little nooks and crannies in your home can help add functionality to unused spaces.

Eco-awareness in Design

By building texture, using eco-friendly materials, and looking for reclaimed pieces, many homes are adding tastes of eco-awareness. This is not just found in furniture, but also in the materials used for building including faux versions of difficult to extract items like marble and easy to renew bamboo. 

Terrazzo Flooring

Homeowners have loved the easy maintenance and durability of solid surfaces including laminate and stained concrete, but are seeking additional interest and pops of color. Terrazzo provides the perfect balance with stones or tile mixed into a solid surface. This flooring option has been around for centuries and has moved in and out of popularity in the 1920s and middle of the last century. 

To explore these design choices in your new home plans or to have us help update your existing home to include some of these trends, contact us today. We have the expertise and ability to take these ideas and make them a reality in your space. 









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